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As promised, we are starting our beef rotational program, which means that this will be the end of our Piedmontese inventory for the next few months, click here for 15% discounts. While our core cuts will vary in breed and terroir, we can’t deny how the Kobe burger is the best tasting burger, thanks to the breed and percentage of lean to fat in each patty. The Heritage team just tried these burgers at a wedding and they literally stole the show.

Why is Kobe special?
These burgers are made from American grown cattle whose genetics come from Japan. Technically speaking, only beef from the Kobe province of Japan gets to be called Kobe just as only sparkling wine from Champagne is called Champagne. But with the same genetics and marbling, you are getting the true Kobe experience. Raising these Japanese cattle in the US is why the cost is not $100 plus per pound!

Kobe Burger
8 oz patties, 2 per pack

Six - $40
Twenty-four - $155
Forty-eight - $300

We personally endorse the superior taste of these burgers—as with all of our products, if you’re not 100% satisfied, your money back.

Vermont Maple Tree - Tapped

We Recommend
Burgers on the Grill: hands down the favorite way to cook them! Keep the condiments to a minimum to experience the full flavor of these terrific burgers. You could go crazy and skip the bun. They are great off the stovetop too. Use a cast iron grill pan to get those char marks and that great grilled flavor.

Heritage Foods USA - Good Farms EIghth Of A Cattle

Vermont Maple Syrup
from Cantor Family Farm

One 1 liter Bottle - $59
Two 1 liter Bottles - $105
Buy 5 Get One Free - $250
Shipping Included

Don't miss out on a chance to try uniquely sweet Vermont Maple Syrup—just a few bottles left!

Vermont Maple Tree - Tapped

Heritage Foods USA - Good Farms

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Heritage Meat Shop

Heritage Meat Shop is 8 months old!

We're proud to announce some exciting new changes

We got a facelift: please stop by to tell us what you think!

We're proud to say that we've begun a new line of Heritage Meat Shop products, made IN HOUSE by our talented staff.

Silva’s Dry Age Program featuring Piedmontese and Black Angus Ribeyes and Strips, and Berkshire and Red Wattle Pork Loins - that's right, we said Pork Loins.
Fresh Sausages using traditional and exotic ingredients. If you have a favorite recipe we will make it for you!
Rillettes and Chicken Liver Paté - It's official, we've invested in a burner and toaster oven.
Hot Dog, we also bought a hot dog roller for our house-made Hot Dogs & Sausages. Try one starting this weekend!

Thanks for all your support and help in making us feel like a welcomed member of the community.


Shana, Silva, Dan, Patrick, Kieran, Caroline, Emile, Joe & Lena!

Heritage Meat Shop

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