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This week we are debuting the long awaited 1/8th cattle share from the Good Farm in Olsburg, KS. Why are we so excited about this? Well, there is a good, a very Good answer to that. In 1961, Craig Good’s father Donald began raising Black Angus cattle, and eventually became a nationally recognized authority on the breed. The success of any herd depends on the knowledge of the farmer who selects and mates for what he deems the breed’s most desirable qualities. Craig Good has continued to improve on the genetics his father refined. The conformation, size, and fat to muscle ratio of the Good Farm Black Angus is pretty close to perfection.

Craig And Amy Good
Craig and Amy Good

of Good Farm, KS

If you want to know the taste of true Angus—some would argue the tastiest breed in the world—this is it!

Heritage Foods USA - Good Farms EIghth Of A Cattle

Purebred Black Angus Eighth
55-60 lbs in individually wrapped cuts - $450

Beef is dry aged 2-3 weeks
Fits in any freezer
$7.8/lb with shipping $9.56/lb

Why You Should Buy An 1/8?
Buying the 1/8 cattle share is both a great investment, and an opportunity to eat restaurant quality meals. You are buying the same beef that is being served this week in some of America’s most successful restaurants, places like: Colicchio & Sons, Corsino, Fette Sau, and Palo Santo, in New York; A16, Fatted Calf and Mozza in California; Hominy Grill in Charleston, South Carolina. So cash in on the Goods, we mean, the goods, and order your share. With such an early spring, the grill is beckoning.

Porterhouse Pork Chops

New! Recession Special
Sixteen 14 oz Pork Chops (2/pk) - $99

Recession Special comes in new user friendly packages of 2 per pack.

Heritage Bacon

Sliced Heritage Bacon
Three 1 lb packages - $51

And are you able to resist our Maple Cured Sliced Bacon? Shipped as Three 1 lb packs, this is a great product to share at only $51.

Deep Mountain Maple Syrup

Vermont Maple Syrup
from Cantor Family Farm

One 1 liter Bottle - $59
Two 1 liter Bottles - $105
Buy 5 Get One Free - $250
Shipping Included

Don't miss out on a chance to try uniquely sweet Vermont Maple Syrup—just a few bottles left!

Vermont Maple Tree - Tapped

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