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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

We’re proud to congratulate our partners and friends at Paradise Locker Meats for winning so many awards for their cured meats in this past year.

  • First Ever Best In Show Award out of 273 Products at the MAMP convention
  • First Ever Best In Pork Award at the MAMP convention
  • 3rd place at Wurstfest: German Sausage Fest

We’ve been the fortunate beneficiaries to taste all their sausages, but our favorites are: Spicy Italian Sausage AND Original Smoked Kielbasa.

We Recommend
The best way to enjoy these sausages over the summer is to invest in 5 lbs (20 links) and keep them in your freezer. Then you are only a few minutes away from eating some of the best sausages in the country. To defrost quickly submerge sausages in a pot with cold water.

Spicy Italian Sausage
5 lbs in 1 lb packs - $60

The Italian Meat Retreat
25 lbs Package – PLUS 7 lbs Sampler FREE! - $300

Original Smoked Kielbasa
5 lbs in 1 lb packs - $65

The Polish Meat Retreat
25 lbs Package – PLUS 7 lbs Sampler FREE! - $325

$5 per sausage with overnight shipping!

$3 per sausage with overnight shipping!

Orders received by Thursday will deliver this week. Paradise is committed to small batch production, so once we sell out this week’s batch please allow 7-10 days for delivery to receive next week’s batch.

If you want to decide which one is the best for yourself..

Fantasma Sausage Sampler
7 lbs in 1 lb packs - $80

Apple Bratwurst Links, Original Smoked Kielbasa, Hot Smoked Kielbasa, Fresh Kielbasa, Bulk Breakfast Sausage, Spicy Italian Sausage, Italian with Cheese.

Fantasma Sausage Sampler

Cook It This Way!
Sausage is the ever-ready, super easy meal. Served with eggs, it can jazz up breakfast. Lunch? An awesome sandwich! And for dinner these sausages will work with just about any starch, grain, or pasta. Ready for sausage and peppers? Go for the spicy Italian! The original Smoked Kielbasa is amazing braised in sauerkraut. And those apple bratwurst sausages are divine with apples, onions, and a splash of calvados, brandy, or bourbon… You can make magic in minutes with this sampler.

138th Kentucky Derby

Are you ready for the 138th running of the Kentucky Derby??? We have it on the best authority that Bodemeister will run away with the race. Celebrate your win with our Katahdin lamb chops or racks…a perfect complement to the traditional mint julep!

Fantasma Sausage Sampler

8 Chops of Katahdin Lamb
Average 2.7 lbs - Four per pack - $103

Shipping Included

1 Rack of Katahdin Lamb
Average 2 lbs - $99
Shipping Included

Fantasma Sausage Sampler

1 Leg of Katahdin Lamb
Average 7 lbs - $159
Shipping Included

Heritage Foods USA - Good Farms EIghth Of A Cattle

Purebred Black Angus Eighth
55-60 lbs in individually wrapped cuts - $450

Beef is dry aged 2-3 weeks
Fits in any freezer
$7.8/lb with shipping $9.56/lb

Deep Mountain Maple Syrup

Vermont Maple Syrup
from Cantor Family Farm

One 1 liter Bottle - $59
Two 1 liter Bottles - $105
Buy 5 Get One Free - $250
Shipping Included

Don't miss out on a chance to try uniquely sweet Vermont Maple Syrup!

Vermont Maple Tree - Tapped

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