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Having the family gathered around for a great meal is any Mother's dream come true.

If you are planning to make dinner for Mom, nothing is easier or more festive than Filet Mignon. We present a whole tenderloin to roast for a crowd, or buy a few steaks and grill them. Either way, a sumptuous dinner is minutes away, and nothing says “I love you Mom” like a filet mignon!

Whole Filet Of Beef (Piedmontese)Whole Filet of Beef
5-6 lbs roast - $130

Filet Mignon (Piedmontese)Filet Mignon
Four 8 oz filets - $69
Eight 8 oz filets - $126


If you would rather Mom chose her gift, how about a gift certificate?

Gift certificates are easy: (1) choose the amount for your gift, (2) fill in the information and (3) schedule the send date—that's it!

Or if you prefer, try these tasty new gift packages!
Exclusive Mother's Day Gift Packages!

Mother Lover's Package
American Spoon Sauce
Devil Sauce Chutney
and Raaka Chocolate
- $68

Shipping Included!

Mother Lover's Package Large
32 oz bottle of Vermont Maple Syrup
Devil Sauce Chutney
Raaka Chocolate
and American Spoon Sauce
- $109

Shipping Included!

American Spoon Sauces from Michigan, the Devil Sauce—a devilishly delicious chutney with a kick, and a bar of peerless chocolate from Raaka Chocolates, handcrafted in Brooklyn in small batches with unroasted, stone ground cocoa beans.
If you have a sweet tooth, add in a bottle of our Vermont maple syrup, straight from the Northeast Kingdom!

Slow Food That's Quick To Cook

Don’t miss out on our cured porterhouse pork chops! These meaty, smoky porkers are a heat-and-eat item that pairs well with just about any vegetable or starch. Red cabbage or sauerkraut, sweet potatoes or white, squash, turnips, kale, chard, collards, apples and onions…you get the picture.

The shanks are delicious too! Use them to jazz up beans, soups, stews, or even a pasta sauce. They add amazing depth and flavor to any dish without using a lot of meat.

Whole Filet Of Beef (Piedmontese)Cured Pork Chops
Six 12 oz Porterhouse Chops - $57

Cured and Smoked Ham Shanks
Eight 10-12oz shanks - $39


Sixteen Pork Chops

14 oz Porterhouse Chops, 2 per pack - $99

Shipping Included!

And remember: Orders received by Thursday will deliver this week.

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