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With the arrival of Memorial Day Monday the 28th, we present our Grilling Issue!

We are proud to say that our pork products come from animals that we sell nose-to-tail, that have lived their lives on pasture, and that come from genetic stock that is different from their commodity cousins.

Heritage Pork Ribs

Spare Ribs
Two 3.5 lb slabs - $66

St. Louis Ribs
Two 3 lb slabs - $61

Two slabs have about 24 ribs on them total. What is the difference between the two? Spare ribs include the meaty deckle bone, the St. Louis do not.

Heritage Tacos

Boston Butt Shoulder
Bone-in - 8 lbs - $83
Boneless - 7.5 lbs - $84
Half Bone-In - 4 lbs - $50

Boston Butts are delicious massive roasts that can also be cut into steaks or made into pulled pork! No one has ever gone wrong with a Butt!

Breed Variety Pack
Three Boneless Half Boston Butt Shoulders - 12lbs - $146

Wagyu Burger
8 oz patties, 2 per pack

Six - $40
Twenty-four - $155
Forty-eight - $300

We personally endorse the superior taste of these burgers—as with all of our products, if you’re not 100% satisfied, your money back.

Heritage Burger - Mediterranean Style

And remember: Orders received by Thursday will deliver this week.

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