heritage foods
Peposo - Tuscan Stew by Chef Jody Williams of Gottino Restaurant in NYC

Braised beef in red wine, tomatoes and cracked black pepper...


Red wine (chianti) ( 3cups)
Garlic (2 heads halved)
Chopped tomatoes (6 cups)
Flour (1 cup)
Olive oil
Salt and cracked pepper to taste
Rosemary sprig
3 Tri-tips from Heritage Foods USA


1 break down the tri tips into stew meat

2 season the meat chunks and dust with flour

3 place in a  Dutch oven over high heat and caramelize the beef in olive oil
 until golden brown....

4 add red wine, tomatoes, Rosemary sprig, cracked pepper

5 place in 350 oven covered until tender (2hrs)

To serve spoon over grilled country bread or polenta