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Black Trumpet Mushroom Crusted Flat Iron Steak by Chef Cory Stewart of Americano Restaurant at Hotel Vitale, San Francisco


4 -10 oz Piemontese Flat Iron Steaks
4 Tbsp dried black trumpet mushrooms- pulverized or blended fine
2 Tbsp coriander seed, ground fine
2 Tbsp fennel pollen
2 tsp black pepper
kosher salt
4 Tbsp extra virgin oil
2 cloves garlic
2 tbsp neutral flavored oil- grapeseed, canola or safflower

1 lb arugula
1 lemon
1 extra virgin olive oil


Combine all dry spices and mushrooms, (except salt). You will have more of this versatile rub than you will need for this recipe. Save it for other uses.

Crush garlic in mortar (or with the side of your knife) add to olive oil. Rub steaks with olive oil until uniformly and lightly coated. Season steaks generously with kosher salt. Lay steaks on a flat work surface and rub with mushroom spice mixture until mostly covered.

Heat a cast iron pan over medium-high heat, once the pan is hot, add your neutral oil. Once the oil shimmers, lay the steaks down. Be sure that your pan is large enough to accommodate the size of steaks you are cooking, if you crowd the pan, they will not cook properly and the rub will fall off- Cook in batches if necessary. Allow steak to caramelize on both sides, but take care because the crust will burn if your pan is too hot, or if there is not enough oil in the pan

Cook the steaks to your desired temperature. Medium is the ideal temperature for this special cut of meat. Piemontese flat iron steak is blessed with decent marbling that becomes quite succulent and stays intact when cooked medium. Be sure to allow your steaks to rest before slicing them. Sprinkle A few crystals of high quality finishing salt, such as Maldon, right before serving.

Serve with arugula , simply dressed in extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice and a few shavings of Parmigiano-Reggiano.