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Heritage Foods USA
Box 198 --- 402 Graham Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Tel: 718-389-0985

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Patrick Martins

Patrick Martins was born in New York City's Mount Sinai Hospital on February 10th, 1972 and has lived in the city ever since. Patrick received a Masters' Degree in Performance Studies at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Patrick is a founder of Slow Food USA, Heritage Foods USA, Heritage Radio Network and the New York City Trivia Game. He sits on the Board of Directors of the Museum of Food and Drink and recently wrote the Carnivore's Manifesto published by Little Brown.

Serena Di Liberto

Serena Di Liberto was born in Italy in the headquarters of Slow Food where she worked for years before her move to NYC to found Slow Food USA with Patrick Martins.

She is now part of the Heritage Foods USA team and she is also a fitness instructor for Equinox Gym and New York Health and Racquet Club both located in NYC.

Catherine Greeley

Catherine was born and raised outside of Boston, Massachusetts. She attended Culinary School at Johnson & Wales University and later graduated with her Bachelor's degree from Cornell University. Catherine manages the Mail Order department at Heritage Foods USA.

Alexes McLaughlin

Alexes joined the team in November of 2013. She found the farms and mission hard to resist and decided to dedicate 2014 to helping Heritage grow its infrastructure and media presence.

Erin Fairbanks

In 2005, Erin moved to New York City and walked into the kitchen of Savoy offering to peel carrots. From Savoy she moved on to Gramercy Tavern, before heading north to spend a year at Flying Pigs Farm where she directed “Farm Camp at Flying Pigs Farm.” She completed her graduate degree in Urban Policy Analysis at Milano The New School in 2012.

Jack Inslee

Jack Inslee is the Executive Producer of Heritage Radio Network. He is a graduate of New York University's Music Technology program and has worked in sound and recording since he was 12 years old. After meeting Patrick Martins in 2009, his diet and appreciation for good food has improved drastically. In his spare time, Jack runs the DJ collective "Full Service". He is also a die-hard Knicks fan.

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