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A note on the importance of grassfed beef from Hearst Ranch Manager Brian Kenny

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Tallgrass Beef is 100% grass-fed from the prairie grasses of Kansas. The terroir of this ecosystem produces beef that is clean and nutty, sweet and robust. The taste comes from the meat, not the fat. Tallgrass beef is absolutely delicious, some of the best we have ever tasted. Grass-fed beef raised 100% outdoors like this is worth every penny. The steaks are often available fresh and will stay that way in the fridge for 3 weeks.
Tallgrass Beef raises cattle that roam in the open and graze on natural grasses rich in nutrients and high in anti-oxidants with no unnatural supplements, growth hormones, or antibiotics. By grazing on open pastures of naturally occurring lush and hearty grasses, the animals help to promote the growth of indigenous grasses and add nutrients to the soil.
Founded by Bill Kurtis - journalist, rancher and conservationist, Tallgrass sits on the Red Buffalo Ranch in Sedan, Kansas, the same plot of land where Laura Ingalls Wilder once lived!

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Hearst Ranch in San Simeon, California has been raising grass-fed cattle since 1865.  The Hearst family is responsible for one of the largest working ranches and conservation easements on the California coast and started a ranch that was prized for its quality breeding, fine livestock and stewardship of the land.
We are proud to offer this beef thanks to our friend Brian Kenny from Hearst Ranch who is bringing this product to market for the first time in years. These cattle, a mix of predominantly Hereford, Angus and Shorthorn breeds, are humanely raised and graze on 150,000 acres of nutrient-rich coastal prairie and native grasslands along the inland terraces of San Simeon, CA. Hearst beef is 100% grass-fed and finished and are given zero growth hormones or antibiotics.  The flavor of Hearst grass-fed beef is influenced by the nearby valleys as well as the central coastal terroir.

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Piedmontese Beef originated in the foothills of northwestern Italy and are thought to be a mix of the Auroch and Zebu cattle crossed over 25,000 years ago. We are especially fond of this breed, because Piedmont is also home to the Slow Food movement in Bra, Italy. Today, in the United States, a network of family farmers is raising the cattle on a pure vegetarian feed without the use of antibiotics and without added growth hormones. Though the beef is naturally lean, the flavor is rich and intense.

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Lasater Grasslands Beef is great tasting and full of flavor because the cows are finished on grass; they spend their entire lives grazing in open pastures and are never confined in feedlots and fed grain. They are not given growth hormones nor low-level antibiotics and are not treated with pesticides and all cattle are finished on grass.

Our sampler pack provides great steaks and roasts from Lasater Ranch. We recommend preparing all grass-fed beef at medium to medium-rare to protect its moist texture.

Raised on the shortgrass prairies of eastern Colorado, the Beefmaster cattle breed, which was recognized by the USDA as a distinct breed in 1954, was selected by the Lasater family beginning in 1882. Today, the farm is managed by founder Tom's son Dale, a fourth-generation rancher. For more than half a century Lasater Ranch has been a wildlife sanctuary. Dale is the winner of a Slow Food Award for Biodiversity.

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Fountain Prairie Highland beef is raised on John and Dorothy Priske’s 434-acre farm in Wisconsin, home to the most beautiful cattle in the world. The Priske’s Highlands have been raised and handled in a humane manner and have been fed no hormones, anabolic steroids or sub therapeutic feed antibiotics. The meat, which is raised on grass and finished on grain, is dry-aged for 21 days. Their ground meat is perfect for burgers and meatloaf.

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American Kobe is one of the world’s most recognized meats. It would be a disservice to exclude American Kobe beef on a site dedicated to breed-specific foods. Our friends at Paradise Locker Meats, our arbitoir in Missouri, have connected us to American Kobe Beef producers who provide us with select cuts of this delicious, buttery meat.

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