May 2, 2006
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Heritage Foods USA Takes Business on the Road

On June 1, 2006 Heritage Foods USA’s co-founder, Patrick Martins, and Head of Business Development, Sarah Obraitis will embark on a 40-day cross country journey with two documentarians, Anthony Frattolillo and David Kavanaugh, to interview the chefs, farmers, butchers, sausage-makers, truckers, pit-stop waitresses, authors and unusual personalities



that are part of the Heritage Foods world.

The journey includes stops in Atlanta and Athens Georgia; Sequatchie and Chattanooga Tennessee; Berlin and Cleveland Ohio; Ann Arbor Michigan; Chicago Illinois; Kansas City, Trimble and Myrtle Missouri; Seneca, Glasco, Salina, Lindsborg and Tampa Kansas; Omaha Nebraska; Phoenix Arizona; San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley, and Napa California; Portland Oregon; and Lummi Island Washington. For a full schedule, please read on.

Heritage Foods USA exists to protect small family farms and genetic diversity in the food supply. In an effort to expand genetic diversity in the food supply, Heritage Foods will also bring with them on one leg of the journey four Red Wattle pigs (two boars and two gilts) from Kansas to San Diego and Napa to start the first satellite passel of this severely endangered breed ever west of Texas. 

The cross-country trip is also comprised of visits to farms raising endangered breeds of American livestock, fundraisers for various causes including Slow Foods’ Terra Madre project, chef interviews, panel discussions and tastings, and visits with workers employed by factory farms.

In the global economy, unexamined day-to-day decisions bear consequences for unseen laborers and landscapes not visited by most Americans. Simple decisions a consumer makes at the grocery store—decisions that might be made according to no other factor other than the coupon in one’s hand— impact people, land, economies, and civilizations here and beyond the land of our blue highways. We hope the footage from this documentary will give farmers and artisans the respect they deserve and help consumers make better buying choices.

The Schedule

Thursday June 1, 2006

Bid adieu to Ofelia the Heritage bookkeeper and Carrie the Vassar College intern at the New York office before boarding the Heritage Van for a 40-day, 40-night cross country journey.

Depart for Atlanta, Georgia
874 miles

Stay at Shaun Doty’s

Friday June 2, 2006

Morning: Michael Tuohy of Woodfire Grill will host Linton Hopkins of Restaurant Eugene, David Larkworthy of 5 Seasons Brewing, Heritage Foods USA and a crew of journalists for a ham and eggs breakfast interview at a round-table and capture these great culinary figures in Atlanta on film.

Daytime: Visit with Atlanta chef friends/buyers: Woodfire Grill, Chef Michael; Table 1280, Chef Shaun; Aria, Chef Gerry; Restaurant Eugene, Chef Linton; Farm 255, Chef Tamar and Olivia; Five & Ten, Chef Hugh; 5 Seasons Brewing, Chef David.

Evening: Event at Farm 255 Restaurant in Athens, Georgia celebrating Heritage Foods and wines from around the world. An award will be given to Olivia Sargeant and Tamar Adler for their work in launching a restaurant around Full Moon Farm to educate locals about cooking great sustainable food.

For more information on attending this event, please call Farm 255: 706-549-4660

Stay at Olivia Sargeant’s

Saturday June 3, 2006

Depart for Sequatchie Cove Farm, Sequatchie, Tennessee
152 miles
2 hours and 30 minutes

Daytime: Spend day working with and interviewing array of farmhands and Keener family who own this 400-acre farm on the foothills of the Tennessee wilderness. Cove Farm is one of the greatest rare breed farms in America, boasting herds of Ossabaw, Old Spot and Large Black pigs, Devon milking cows, and heritage chickens as well as a shitake mushroom grove.

Afternoon: Lunch for us all cooked by Ann Keener, featuring local meats and produce.

Evening: Event at St. John Restaurant in Chattanooga hosted by Slow Food Governor Tom Montague to honor Bill Keener for his role in preserving biodiversity and Southern food traditions.

For more information about the dinner at St. John contact Tom Montague: lasleyt@mindspring.com.

Sunday June 4, 2006

Depart for Berlin, Ohio
570 miles
10 hours

Visit Amish family in Berlin, Ohio. Old friends of Patrick, the Schlabachs are at the forefront of the organic movement within the Amish community.

Stay in tent on Amish farm

Monday June 5, 2006

Depart for Cleveland, Ohio
73 miles
1 hour and 30 minutes

Morning: Heritage segment with Good Company, a morning show on NBC’s Channel 3 hosted by Fred Griffith.

Daytime: Visit Heritage Foods USA distributor, Premier Produce, and chef friends/buyers in Cleveland.

Evening: 300 person Heritage event at Carrie Cerino’s Ristorante featuring dishes from five of Ohio’s most famous restaurants including:

  • Carrie Cerino’s Ristorante, Dominic Cerino
  • Lola/Lolita, Michael Symon
  • Fahrenheit, Rocco Whalen
  • Baricelli Inn, Paul Minnillo
  • Moxie/Red, Jonathan Bennett
  • Fire Food & Drink, Doug Katz

Special guests include Linda Griffith and Armandino Batali. An Award will be given to each for their contribution to American food culture. Linda and her husband Fred have co-authored six books including Onions, Onions, Onions, a recipient of the James Beard Award. Armandino (Mario Batali’s father) is one of the USA’s great cured meat artisans. Funds from the event will benefit Slow Food's Terre Madre project.

For more information on attending this event, please call Carrie Cerino’s Ristorante: 440-237-3434.

Stay at the Griffith’s

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

All Heritage wholesale sales are done for week, including cutting and packing orders to Paradise Locker Meats for 100 hogs, and to Krehbiels Meats for 200 ducks and an array of other products.

Stay at the Griffith’s

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Depart for Ann Arbor, Michigan
167 miles
2 hours and 50 minutes

Daytime: visit Earthshine Chicken Farm. Earthshine heritage chickens are “air-chilled” and considered by many chefs to be the best in the country. The Heritage team will conduct a mail order campaign offering these chickens to buyers on its 25,000-person email list.

Evening: A Heritage extravagant Barbecue highlighting slow and locally grown foodstuffs to welcome in the year’s growing season at Eve Restaurant, with Chef Eve Aronoff. The event will fundraise for The Declaration of Interdependence/Healthy Local Foods for a Healthy Michigan, which helps kickoff a ballot initiative in 2008 to increase the quality of food for citizens of Michigan. This Michigan-based project is led by filmmakers and activists Chris Bedford and Todd Wickstrom. A lifetime achievement award will be presented to a strong figure in the local sustainable food movement.

For more information on attending this event, please call Eve Restaurant: 734-222-0711

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Morning in Ann Arbor: Steve the box man, Larry the FedEx guy, Larry Bokel from Cannonball and the Heritage Foods partners will master the logistics of moving 15,000 birds for its 2006 heritage turkey campaign.

Depart for Chicago, Illinois
240 miles
4 hours

Early evening: VIP reception and cocktails with Heritage at National 27 will gather Slow Food board, journalists and local farmers going to Terra Madre.

For more information on attending this event, please call Ellen Malloy: 773-509-1596.

Evening: Join Chef Paul Kahan at Blackbird Restaurant and 50 guests to celebrate Red Wattle pork in a delicious tasting. A lifetime achievement award will be presented to a long-time slow food supporter. Funds will be raised for Slow Food’s Terra Madre project.

For more information on attending this event, please call Blackbird: 312-715-0708.

Stay at Sweeney’s

Friday, June 9, 2006

Morning: Call into to Ted Lee and Matt Lee’s radio show about southern food on Martha Stewart Living channel 112 on Sirius satellite radio.

Daytime: Present heritage mission to European Imports staff, the distributor of Heritage Foods in Chicago. Visit chef friends/buyers: Naha Restaurant, Chef Carrie; Tru, Chef Rick; Osteria, Chef Dave; National 27, Chef Randy; Blackbird, Chef Paul; Avec, Chef Paul; Frontera Grill, Chef Rick and Brian; Spiagga, Chef Tony; The Wyndham Hotel, Chef Anthony; Petterino’s, Chef Marc.

Early evening: Visit with Sarah’s nephew and niece in Chicago, the next generation of caring consumers.

Stay at the Sweeney’s

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Depart for Kansas City, Missouri
180 miles
8 hours

Early evening: Meet Lidia Bastianich at the Festa Italiana where 2000 people come to celebrate, taste and learn about Italian culture. Lidia, the PBS cooking show host, is also a cookbook author and restaurateur with three of Manhattan's most notable restaurants, Felidia, Esca, and Becco, and Lidia's in Kansas City and Pittsburgh.

Stay with the Fantasma’s

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Lunch: Tasting at Lidia’s Restaurant of pasture-raised six-spotted Berkshire and Red Wattle heritage pork led by pig farmers Mark Newman and Larry Sorell and of pasture-raised heritage turkeys led by farmer Frank Reese, attended by local residents and media. The tasting will end with a sampling of chocolates made from an heirloom variety of cocoa native to Ecuador.

At the event, Lidia will give a lifetime achievement award to farmer Frank Reese for saving poultry genetics that are so important to a safe food supply. A certificate will be given to the Fantasma family for upholding the lost art form of butchering at their plant Paradise Locker Meats.

Evening: Cocktails and dinner at Lidia’s Restaurant with Chef Dan Swinney featuring rare breed pork, lamb, duck, Native grains and honey, and Ecuadorian chocolates.

For more information on attending these events, please call Lidia’s in Kansas City: 816-221-0805

Stay with the Fantasma’s

Monday-Friday, June 12-16, 2006

Spend five days at Paradise Locker Meats with Mario, Teresa and their sons Louis and Nick Fantasma to learn firsthand and record every detail of a week in the life of a USDA butcher/slaughterhouse.

Also, visit various local sites including the St Lawrence River in St Louis for a scenic tribute to Lewis and Clarke at the point where they departed for their two-year journey in 1804.

Tuesday: All heritage sales, cutting and packing orders are done for week.

Stay with the Fantasma’s

Friday, June 16, 2006

Depart for Omaha, Nebraska
185 miles
3 hours

Drive to Omaha from Paradise Locker Meats in the big-rig that carries Heritage Food product to the main trucking hub. Visit Cannonball Express, one of the largest Less Than Truck Load (LTL) Refrigerated Transportation Companies in America. Meet the staff and witness the unloading, separation and shipping of product on dozens of tractor-trailers that depart for points in all 48 states including of Heritage product to New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Cleveland, Chicago, Oakland, Atlanta and Vermont.

Stay in Omaha

Saturday-Thursday, June 17-22, 2006

Depart for Kansas
185 miles
3 hours

Heritage Farm visits: During this segment of the trip the Heritage crew will work on the farms that have made Kansas and Missouri the D.O.C. of heritage and interview some of the most charismatic farmers in the country to learn first hand about the realities of running a small family farm in middle America.

Farm visits will include:

Newman Farm is the leader in a network of farms that raise the only 100% certified Berkshire (Kurobuta) pigs that are raised 100% on pasture. All of Mark Newman’s pigs are 6-spotted Berkshires, the rarest line of the Berkshire breed. (Myrtle, MO)

Pit stop: Monday, June 19, 11am, visit Wes Jackson, President of the Land Institute (Salina, Kansas)

Pit stop: The Cozy Inn Hamburger shack, the precursor to White Castle (Salina, Kansas)

Tuesday: All heritage sales, cutting and packing orders are done for week

Metzger Farm, one of the last truly diversified small farms in Kansas, boasts Angus beef, heritage turkeys, Berkshire pigs and even a used farm equipment lot. (Seneca, Kansas)

Good Shepherd Ranch and Windmill Ranch, located just a few miles apart, are responsible for the renaissance of over a dozen breeds of heritage poultry from the brink of extinction. Here we will interview Frank Reese, considered by many to be the most important and well-spoken farmer in the country. (Lindsborg, Kansas)

Lazy S. Farm is the leader of the only Red Wattle pig network in the USA. The Red Wattle is the most severely at risk pig breed in the country yet has won taste tests with chefs across the country. The breed was thought to be extinct until a wild herd re-surfaced in the forests of Texas in the mid 19th century. Farmers Larry and Madonna Sorrel also run an agriturismo. (Glasco, Kansas)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Two Red Wattle boars and two gilts from Lazy S. Farm join the caravan. Part of the mission of Heritage Foods is to spread genetic diversity in the food supply so these pigs will go to California to start the first satellite passel of the breed ever West of Texas.

Depart for Arizona with four Red Wattles
1289 miles
20 hours

Friday, June 23, 2006

Keep the pigs comfortable in the Arizona heat at Dr. Nelson’s air-conditioned stable in Mesa, Arizona. Brad Payne, “the Arizona Herdsman”, will set up a kiddie pool and a cool water stream for the pigs in the stable.

Stay at the Kaufman’s

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Daytime: Visit Chef’s Warehouse, the distributor for Heritage Foods in Phoenix and local chef friends/buyers.

Evening: Ninety guests will attend Chrysa Kaufman’s Rancho Pinot Restaurant for a Heritage celebration where a lifetime achievement award will be given to Tristan Reader, Terrol Johnson and Noland Johnson of the Tohono O’odham Community Action group for their role in preserving Native communities in Arizona. Guests will have the opportunity to pet the Red Wattles who will be stationed out back. Participating chefs include:

  • Rancho Pinot, Chef Chrysa Kaufman
  • Sassi Restaurant, Chef Wade Moises
  • Pizzeria Bianco, Chef Chris Bianco
  • Zinc Bistro, Chef Matt Carter

For more information on attending this event, please call Rancho Pinot: 480-367-8030

Sleep at the Kaufman’s

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Depart for San Diego
354 miles
5 hours, 39 minutes

Stay at Gordon’s

Drop off Red Wattle pigs, one boar and one gilt, with Gordon Smith, Slow Food Governor of Southern California, and the San Pasqual Academy for Foster Teens at the Slow Food Sustainable Garden.

Monday June 26, 2006

Daytime: Talk at the San Pasqual Academy for Foster Teens at the Slow Food Sustainable Garden. Introduce the pigs to students.

Evening: Leon Santoro’s Orflia Winery in San Pasqual Valley in San Diego County will host a Slow Food event to welcome the pigs and the Heritage team to Southern California and to help support the San Pasqual Academy for Foster Teens.

For more information on attending this event, please contact Gordon and Scott: gordonstravels@sbcglobal.net and scottamurray@sbcglobal.net

Stay at Gordon’s

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Daytime: All heritage sales, cutting and packing orders are done for week from San Diego.

Depart for Los Angeles, California
121 miles
2 hours

Evening: Iron Chef Neal Fraser’s BLD Restaurant will host 140 people and guest chef Evan Kleiman of Angeli Restaurant for a Red Wattle celebration and fundraiser. Here we will present Chef Evan with a lifetime achievement for her accomplishments in supporting healthy agriculture locally, nationally and internationally.

For more information on attending this event, please call BLD Restaurant: 323-934-4400

Stay at Adam Aberman’s, founder of www.icouldbe.com.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Visit Superior Anhausner Meats in Los Angeles, the biggest heritage distributor in the USA, and tour some of the 50 heritage accounts they have opened.

Pit stop: Stage an impromptu rare food stand to help cover costs of trip.

Depart for San Francisco
502 miles
7 hours, 45minutes

Stay at Brackett’s

Thursday, June 29, 2006

San Francisco Daytime: Procession around dozen heritage-supporting restaurants in and around San Francisco, with remaining two Red Wattle pigs including: Acme Chophouse, Chef Thom; Chez Panisse, Chef Phillip; Boulevard Restaurant, Chef Pam; Quince, Chef Michael; 1550 Hyde, Chef Peter; Rose's Café, Chef Mark; Silverado Country Club, Chef Peter; Mustards, Chef Erasto; Backstreet Kitchen, Chef Pablo; Oliveto, Chef Paul; A Cote, Chef Matt; Eccolo, Chef Chris; Bi Rite Market; The Pasta Shop; Prather Ranch; Vitale Hotel, Chef Paul; A16, Chef Nate.

Evening: The Slow Food Berkeley convivium, led by Alice Waters, Sylvan Brackett and Sarah Weiner of Chez Panisse, will organize a fundraiser for Terra Madre and a celebration of Heritage Red Wattle pork. The event will center on sustainable charcuterie made and aged using traditional methods by Taylor of Fatted Calf. Award a phenomenal supporter of the organic and sustainable food world.

For details on attending this event please contact Sylvan at: sbrackett@chezpanisse.com.

Stay with Brackett’s

Friday, June 30, 2006

Morning: Interview with A Matter of Taste, a James Beard award winning radio show on WABC Talk Radio 77.

Depart for Napa Valley, California
1 hour

Afternoon: Heritage will split up and visit all eight chefs participating in the evening’s party.  See below.

Evening: Join Silverado Resort’s Chef Peter Pahk, Chris Carpenter, Slow Food USA Board member, 120 guests and eight of Napa Valley’s most prestigious chefs in celebrating the Red Wattle pig’s emergence in California for the first time. Each chef will work with a different body part of the Red Watttle pig (not from the babies that have just arrived!) from tail to snout combined with local ingredients including Seed Savers Exchange vegetables. The meal will end with a tasting of chocolates made with varying percentages of heirloom cocoa native to Ecuador. At the event Frazier Lane Organics and the Hall Family of Long Meadow Ranch will be given the two Red Wattle pigs and Heritage will award a certificate to one of the most powerful sustainable food figures in the Valley. Funds will be raised for the Napa Slow Food Convivium. Participating chefs include:

  • Silverado Resort, Chef Peter Pahk
  • Coles Chop House & Celadon, Chef Greg Cole
  • N.V., Chef Peter Halikas
  • Meadowood, Chef Vincent Nattress
  • Julia’s Kitchen at Copia, Chef Victor Scargle
  • Carneros Inn, Chef Kimball Jones
  • Google’s Café 150, Chef Nate Keller
  • Brix, Chef Ryan Jackson

For more information on attending this event, please contact: Christopher.Carpenter@lokoya.com.

Stay with the Carpenter’s

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Deliver final two Red Wattle pigs to Long Meadow Ranch, a 650-acre historic ranch nestled high atop the Mayacamas Mountains above the Napa Valley where award-winning wines and handcrafted extra virgin olive oils, as well as grass-fed beef, eggs, and heirloom fruits and vegetables are produced. The Hall family’s vision is to make great food using sustainable, organic farming methods. Two of the first offspring of these pigs will be delivered to Frazier Lane Organic Farm in Mendocino County at a future date.

Sunday July 2, 2006

Depart for Portland, Oregon
779 miles
9 hours, 39 minutes

Stay with the Kennedy’s

Monday, July 3, 2006

Daytime: Open new accounts in and around Portland

Evening: Event at Cathy Whims’ Nostrana Restaurant with local residents and media. Nostrana was named restaurant of the year in Portland for 2006 by the Oregonian in May. Funds will be raised for Slow Foods’ Terre Madre project.

For more information on this event, please call Nostrana at: 503-234-2427

Stay with the Kennedy’s

Tuesday July 4, 2006

Depart for Seattle, Washington
172 miles
3 hours

Visit Reefnet salmon fishermen and seafare on some reefnet boats on Lummi Island. Reefnet fishing is the oldest net fishing known to man. Originally practiced by Native Americans of the Puget Sound area in war canoes using cedar bark rope and marsh grass to simulate underwater reefs, this salmon is sourced in the ways of time past by the last Reefnet fishermen on the planet.

Sleep in Seattle

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Drive Heritage Van back to NYC
3000 miles

July 10th and beyond

Capture footage of NYC heritage scene including:

Tour La Frieda Meats, the NYC distributor of Heritage Foods, and meet Pat Sr., Pat Jr., and Mark as they separate, weigh and truck meat to the following heritage supporting chefs:

Lupa, Chef Steve; Del Posto, Chef Mark and Mario; Babbo, Chef Elisa; Otto, Chef Dan; Casa Mono, Chef Andy; Becco, Chef William; Bistro du Vent, Chef Laurent; Italian Wine Merchants, Chef Daniel; Gramercy Tavern, Chef John; Tabla, Chef Floyd; Union Sq Café, Chef Carmen; Craft, Chef Damon; Artisanal, Chef Terrance; Beppe, Chef Mark; 5 Ninth, Chef Mary Ellen; Fatty Crab, Chef Corwin; Spotted Pig, Chef April; Mas, Chef Galen; Palma, Chef Palma; Wallse, Chef Kurt; Ino, Chef Jason; Inside Restaurant, Chef Charlene; Sumile Chef Chris; Cookshop, Chef Marc; 5 Points, Chef Marc; Savoy, Chef Matt; The Tasting Room, Chef Colin; Prune, Chef Gabrielle; Inoteca, Chef Eric; WD-50, Chef Wiley; Alias Restaurant, Chef Shane; Momofuku, Chefs David and Joaquin; Hearth, Chef Marco; Landmarc, Chef Marc; Tribeca Grill, Chef Steve; Il Buco, Chef Ignacio; Ribot, Chef Jeremy; Jovia, Chef Josh; San Pietro, Chef Gerardo; Café Gray, Chef Gray; Antonucci 81 st, Chef Francesco; Picholine, Chef Craig; Chanterelle, Chef David; City Bakery, Chef Ileen; Esposito Sausage, Chef David; Ottomanelli's, Frank; GentileMarket, Anthony; Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Chef Dan; Fairway, Steve; Eli's, Eli; Dean and Deluca; GourmetGarage, Nick; Cleaver & Co, Chef Mary; Bar Carrera, Chef Frederick; The Grocery, Chef Charles; Restaurant Saul, Chef Saul; Foragers' Market; Al di La, Chef Anna; Franny's, Chef Andrew; Salumeria Biellese ; A Voce, Chef Andrew; Toqueville, Chef George; Gusto, Chef Jody; Telepan, Chef Bill; 230 5 th Ave, Chefs Zak and Chino; Lever House, Chef Dan; Cesca, Chef Kevin.

The American story can be found “in the forest walks, in paths carpeted with leaves of the chestnut, oak and pine; he sits on the mosses of the mountains, he listens to the echoes of the woods; he paddles his canoe in the rivers and ponds” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.