2013 Heritage Turkeys

Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

Every August for the past ten years Heritage Foods USA has had the great honor of announcing the arrival of a new generation of Good Shepherd Ranch Heritage Turkeys and a new chapter in the history of an endangered species (you have to eat them to save them). While many farmers now use the term, Frank Reese and his team raise the truest example of the original Heritage Turkey: according to the USDA, they remain the only farm allowed to use the name “Heritage” on their label thanks to certification by the oldest agricultural organization in North America, the American Poultry Association.

Thanks to everyone who bought Heritage Turkeys for their Thanksgiving, millions of dollars have been funneled to independent Kansas family farms and processors. When Frank started in 2002 he hatched 900 eggs in his barn. This year 20,000 eggs were hatched, all before May 15th, meaning our birds will be large and in charge: most are already over 10lbs! Since the inception of the Heritage Turkey Project more than ten of Frank’s partner farms have converted to Good Shepherd from a corporate system whose weak protocols on husbandry, welfare and genetics necessitated the use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics at all stages of production. Good Shepherd Ranch is the only large farm we know of that produces chickens and turkeys without the use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics from hatching to processing. Routine use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics in feed is unnecessary and dangerous when raising food-animals.

In more recent news, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) made Frank the first farmer to receive a $150,000 Grow Your Farm Grant. The profits from Frank’s expansion will repay the grant money so that the ASPCA can give again to another deserving farmer, thus making the grant perpetual. Your purchases have strengthened the backbone of sustainable farming, raising awareness, and making these kinds of grants possible.

We hope you reserve your healthy, naturally mating, flying Standard Bronze, Bourbon Red, White Holland, Royal Palm, Black, or Narragansett turkey today! Lets do it again and support the brightest hope for the Turkey! We guarantee these are the best tasting Turkeys ever or your money back.

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