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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

Our long-time friends the Sorells at Lazy S Ranch in Kansas have been with us since we started Heritage Foods USA ten years ago. We’ve loved their pork, both for its unbeatable flavor and for the Sorells’ outstanding humane husbandry standards. So we’re delighted to share their newest venture: Khaki Campbell ducks.

Ducks - 3 ducks (average 7.5 lbs total) - $95

The Khaki Campbell is an exceptional breed – developed by Adele Campbell in Gloucestershire, England at the turn of the 20th century. Originally bred for their delicious eggs, the Khaki Campbells are excellent foragers. This might be the best duck in America and they were just processed! Cook to internal temperature of 165 – or 10 degrees less according to our chefs. These birds are Animal Welfare Approved.

Geese – 2 geese (average 14.5 lbs total) - $145

The Goose is our favorite poultry. These birds are of the Black African variety and were raised by masters – Danny Williamson, Frank Reese and company over at Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch. Geese are all dark meat so beware – only a few medallions feed even the heartiest palate. Cook to internal temperature of 165 – or 10 degrees less according to our chefs.

Looking for something different? Try one of our timeless cuts:

Boneless Canadian Loin - One 7 lb roast - $84 $15 SAVING

We recommend searing in pan with olive oil for a minute and then placing in oven until internal temperature reaches 160 – or 10 degrees less according to our chefs. When ready, cut into medallions and serve. If 7 lb is too much, you can cut it in half and refrigerate the rest for up to 10 days. This cut is ALL usable. Feeling adventurous? Cure your own Canadian bacon.

NY Strip Steaks - Four 16 oz Steaks - $75 $10 SAVING

No need for a grill here, these classic steaks hold-up pan seared. Pair with a creamy Parmesan peppercorn sauce or whip some lemon-thyme butter for a meal that’s bright and refreshing. These steaks are served at many of America’s best restaurants.

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