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We predict Super Bowl XLVI will be an all-Heritage affair. We’re dually pumped for the Super Bowl showing this year - the east coast is represented by a fierce rivalry: New England vs. New York. While we’re busy doubling-up on blue-themed gear, we can’t forget about the menu. What would the Super Bowl be without BBQ stained fingers? Order by Tuesday night, receive by Friday!

St. Louis Ribs
Two 3 lb slabs - $61

Looking for a centerpiece cut to please that rowdy Super Bowl crowd? Look no further. Worcestershire-sauce, vinegar, brown sugar and a dash of paprika will make these ribs the secondary stars of your Super Bowl party (second only to Manning, of course).


Piedmontese Burgers (8oz)
Six - $40
Twenty-four - $155
Forty-eight - $300

All you need is a pack of buns. These Piedmontese burgers are flavorful and succulent, portion into sliders for the perfect pre-game starter.

Spare Ribs
Two 3.5 lb slabs - $66

Meaty, juicy and flavorful - not much else needs to be said for these finger-lickin’ spares. Place them in a roasting pan and bake in the oven to an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit - our chefs cook to a temperature of ten degrees less.


Wagyu Patties (8 oz)
Six - $37
Twenty-four - $140
Forty-eight - $275

Japan’s best beef breed under its American title. These burgers are absolutely juicy and savory, pulled from a breed known for its intense marbling.

Boston Butt
Half, 4 lbs - $50
Whole, 8 lbs - $84

Cut it into steaks and grill OR take it easy and throw in a pre-game braise. Cook for 2 to 3 hours to an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit - our chefs cook to a temperature of ten degrees less.


Route 11 Potato Chips
30 2-oz Combo Case - $42
(shipping included)

Don’t forget the sides! From a family of small-batch roasters in Virginia. Combo case comes with Salt and Vinegar, Sour Cream and Onion, Garlic and Herb, Lightly Salted, and more.

Fantasma Sausage Sampler
Seven sausages - 7 lbs - $80

Seven of Fantasma’s finest sausage. Have them grilled, pan-seared or slathered in slaw.


Piedmontese Tenderloin Filets (8 oz)
Four - $59

Eight - $110

For those of you who want an easy to prepare yet incredible meal, we recommend the Piedmontese's "tenderest" section: the tenderloin filets.

Congratulations to our partners S. Wallace Edwards and Sons for their win at the Good Food Awards in San Francisco this January: their amazingly delicious Surryano Ham was awarded a prize in the Charcuterie category. This is the second year in a row that Sam Edwards has taken home the award!

Feed your family the smokey flavors of Virginia’s curemasters, cured with our very own Certified Humane Berkshire pigs. The hams are dry-cured by hand, smoked for seven days over smoldering hickory wood and then aged for more than 400 days to produce that distinctive mahogany coloring.

The only ham you’ll need to buy this year!

Surry-ano Heritage Ham Bone-in (17 to 20 lbs) - $188 and
Boneless (7 to 9 lbs) - $140

Heritage Foods USA
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