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You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.
—Julia Child 1912-2004

That quote could have been written for us! Special occasions like Valentine's Day demand special meals, and as Julia is the first to say, you don’t have to cook fancy or complicated, as long as the ingredients are masterful! That’s what we guarantee with our succulent tenderloins of beef or pork.

Beef Tenderloins
Four 8oz Filets, 2 per pack - $59.00
Eight 8oz Filets, 2 per pack - $110.00

Our Piedmontese beef is among the most flavorful of all the cattle breeds. Combine that flavor with fork-tender filet mignon steaks and there is no more sumptuous steak. Sauteed, broiled or grilled, the filet is easy to cook, and easy to pair with a great wine.

Pork Tenderloins
Four 1 lb pieces, 2 per pack - $50.00
Eight 1 lb pieces, 2 per pack - $95.00

The 1 lb pork tenderloin is an elegant meal for two or three. The beauty of pork is its versatility: Asian, Cuban, French or Mexican are but a few of the directions to take with this cut, just by adding a few seasonings. Meltingly soft, the pork tenderloin makes a beautiful presentation when sliced in medallions and fanned out on a plate.

The Heritage Tenderloin Package
4 Heritage Pork Tenderloin filets (1 lb each, 2 per pack) and 4 Piedmontese Beef Tenderloin filets (8 oz filets, 2 per pack) - $105

Keep the romance of great meals alive week after week with the combination pack of Heritage tenderloins from our matchless breeds of cattle and pork. A great meal is just a few minutes away.

Heritage Foods USA
The Source for Authentic American Heritage Foods

Heritage Foods USA has been featured as a Company of the Year in Bon Appetit, House & Garden, Newsweek, Saveur Magazine and The New York Times Magazine.

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