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We got a phenomenal response to our survey last week! Thank you all so much for taking a moment to answer our questions.

We are moving closer to our first “Fresh Catch” Fish Buy coming up in early April. Triggerfish season opens off the Carolina coast then, and we have partnered with a great fisherman who will make our shipments possible.  Triggerfish is a mild but meaty white-fleshed fish that is wild caught on a hook and line: no trawling, no longlines, no by-catch. All the fish we sell will be selected on the basis of protocols set forth by the Marine Stewardship Council, Blue Ocean Institute or Monterey Bay Aquarium. "Red listed" fish will never be sold. Stay tuned for more updates and Pre-Order Information!

The proof that Spring is indeed on its way is in the sweet Maple Syrup sap running through the maple trees up on the Cantor sugarbush, 25 miles south of the Canadian border in Vermont. In mid March, we will be bottling and selling 1-quart containers of this old-fashioned, traditionally produced, all American sweetener. Pre-Orders start next week!

Scroll down for a recap of who has been on the Heritage Radio Network (HRN) this past fortnight. Learn about making the perfect espresso, the American Farmland Trust, the Chinese New Year, and Adrien Camut Calvados! HRN was inspired by “Radio Bra Onde Rosse,” an independent Italian radio station founded by Slow Food’s Carlo Petrini in 1975.


Cured Porterhouse Pork Chops - Six 12 oz  Chops GET out the dutch oven and prepare one of the great classic meals, choucroute!! Our cured porterhouse pork chops, (six 12oz chops, $68) are absolutely da BOMB when it comes to pairing them with sauerkraut. This is a cinch to prepare, and totally appropriate for family style dining, or for a dinner party. 

Buy a few pounds of good kraut, give it a rinse, and then bed those chops for a nice slow simmer. Add a few bay leaves, some white wine, maybe some juniper, or thyme. Make it a one-pot supper by parboiling some new potatoes and throwing them in. You can add a few slices of apple for some additional sweetness, or toss in some browned sausages for the full choucroute effect. The cured chops are also great in a dish of braised red cabbage.

Or, for the super quick and easy, give them a toss in hot skillet to warm through and serve them up with fried apples and onions. Our porters come from a network of farms that raise Duroc, Tamoworth, Berkshire and Red Wattle breeds.

Cornish Game Chickens - Two 3 lb Chickens In the poultry department, we have a supply of the delicious Cornish Game Chicken, (two 3lb chickens per order, $55.). These are full sized chickens, not to be confused with the “Cornish game hen”. The Cornish Game Chicken is the name of a specific breed that does indeed originate in Cornwall, England.  As a purebred, it is on the “watch” list of the American Livestock Breed Conservancy, but as a cross with the White Plymouth Rock, it is called the backbone of the poultry industry where it contributes the large breast so beloved of American consumers. In its purebred form here, it is a short-legged plump bird with tender, flavorful meat. Remember, low and slow is the cooking method of choice for Heritage Breed Poultry.



• A bi-weekly heritageradionetwork.com recap •

     Feb 2011


  • The Beer Sessions Radio (TM) party was a huge success! Check out this awesome article by Rachel Wharton and also check out Jimmy & the guys on Beer Nation.
  • While the Beer Sessions Radio (TM) guys celebrated episode #50, Erica Wides celebrated her 75th episode of Why We Cook! Congratulations Erica!
  • The American Farmland Trust 2011 No Farms No Food Rally will take place on March 30th at the state capital in Albany. Find out more about the event here
  • Jeffrey Steingarten will be on The Main Course this Sunday at 12:00pm EST. Be sure to tune in!!
  • Nicole Taylor was featured in this awesome article about Red Velvet Cake on Yahoo!
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