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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

Check out our new Producer Page! While the page is always a work in progress, we have added some beautiful photos from a recent visit to our farms! If you would like to try any of our new special rare pig breeds please call Andrea or Ashley at 718-389-0985 and they can tell you when they are next on the schedule and place a fresh order for you.

Later this week the Heritage Team, led by Director of Mail Order, is heading to Vermont to help in the production of this years maple syrup harvest. Next week look for U-Tube footage and Twitter and Facebook news from the Sugarbush.

1 Liter (1.06 quarts) in a Beautiful Glass Bottle
$45 including delivery

Click Here for a recent Main Course interview on with Stephan Cantor of Deep Mountain Maple!


We are sending a team from Heritage Foods down to Beaufort North Carolina to work with fisherman Dave Tucker on processing and packing Triggerfish! Our golden boys are heading south, sometime around the beginning of April when the fish run, so mark your calendars! When the date gets closer we will be sending along some great recipes to work with when you order your fish. Supplies are limited!

Delivery April 19th
5lbs – fresh filets - $86
Feeds 10-12 people

What's Triggerfish? Like scallops and grouper, Triggerfish is a mild succulent fish. It's a small fish found in tropical and southern waters. It has become immensely popular in Southern restaurants. Fish markets up north rarely if ever carry Triggerfish, so we hope you will want to take advantage of an unusual opportunity.

This will be the first of our fish buys, and in the future they will be “Social Buys”, meaning that the more people who participate, the lower the price will be for all. The Triggerfish Buy is our pilot project in the fish category, and assuming it is a rousing success you can expect offers for products such as fresh caught Gulf Shrimp, Swordfish from Montauk, and Wild Alaska Salmon.

All the seafood we will offer we guarantee is sustainably caught. As a result, order delivery dates may vary. Heritage Foods USA has 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all its products.


Skin-off Belly - 9 lbs

Skin-off Pork Belly is typically smoked or cured for bacon or pancetta. By dressing the belly with kosher salt, sugar, pink salt, ground pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and juniper, and keeping in a cool dark place for a few weeks, home cooks can enjoy a superb and long lasting product that can be used in hundreds of dishes. Michael Ruhlman in his book Charcuterie, offers some excellent recipes for home curing pork bellies, as does Marcella Hazan in her seminal Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking. This item can be ordered with the skin on as well.

Our pork comes from Certified Humane Berkshire pigs or Animal Welfare Approved Red Wattle pigs and are processed at a Certified Humane facility. If you would like a Gloucestershire Old Spot, Mule Foot, Large Black or Tamworth belly please call Andrea or Ashley and ask when they are next on the schedule. We can be reached at 718-389-0985.

Stay tuned for EASTER SPECIALS: Katahdin, Tunis and Romney lamb – all excellent heritage breeds. The Tunis has fewer than 2,500 annual registrations in the United States and estimated global population less than 10,000. The Katahdin is a meat sheep with hair instead of wool. Our Romney feast on the abundant green fields of Oregon.


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