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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

On this week’s Farmer’s Corner, we spotlight Larry and Madonna Sorell. Their Lazy Ranch is home to a lovely bed and breakfast and also a dozen varieties of rare breed animals. Walking through their paddocks is a gastronomic tour from the 17th century to today. There are so many breeds of pigs here, each one bred for specific taste qualities, that we joke at the office that Lazy Ranch is a petri dish of genetic diversity. Preserving genetic diversity is a big part of the Heritage mission. These rare breeds might never feed the world (although who knows if one day they might have to) but they represent too much of our culture to allow them to fade away.

We hope you enjoy looking through pictures of Lazy Ranch.
The Heritage Team

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Dining Table - Lazy S Farms

Berkshire Pigs - Lazy S Farms

Gloucestershire Old Spot - Lazy S Farms

Large Black Sow - Lazy S Farms

Lazy S Farms

Lazy S Farms
Highland Cattle

Lazy S Farms

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