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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

Story: The State of Maine is justly famous for its North American Lobster. Thanks to the cold waters and the rocky sea bottom, most people consider Maine lobster the very best of all.  The Lobster industry creates jobs for thousands of Maine natives and remains a backbone of the state’s economy. Just as it was when the industry was in its infancy, lobstering in Maine is often a family affair. Techniques and territories are passed on from one generation to the next. We are proud to support Mike Libby and his family through this once-a-year campaign.

Mike has been lobstering for 36 years since he had an 8ft skiff and 6 traps.  He was taught the trade by the father of three beautiful blondes who said if he was going to hang around his place on Little Diamond Island so much he had better put in some work!  Four boats and 4 kids later he and his two sons work with and for each other lobstering the near shore waters of the Maine coast.

Cooking Instructions: Real Mainers steam their lobster and do not boil them! In a pot large enough to fit your lobsters, bring about 2 inches of salt water to a boil, drop in your lobster and cover, set timer for 10 minutes. After ten minutes remove the cover and the lobster will be a nice bright red. Check for doneness by picking lobster up by antenna. If lobster breaks away from its antenna under its own weight, enjoy!

Logistics: These lobsters will be packed 6 to a box and will arrive live. Place lobsters in fridge when they arrive. If the lobster arrives dead, do not eat, and we will refund you (718-389-0985 or Remove rubber bands from claws, being careful not to get bit. Eat that night or next day or night, which is Memorial Day Weekend. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

All Lobsters are delivered Friday, May 27th!
Six 1.125lb-1.25lb Lobsters - $135 including shipping ($22.5 per person)


8lbs Boneless Cured Ham
$66 Including 2-day Shipping
Offer expires June 30th

We are so sure everyone will love this ham that we are doing our best to make it possible for more people to buy it. This ham is cured by our curemaster friends and partners at Paradise Locker Meats. This is a traditional smoked ham, Missouri Style, made from heritage breed pork for a super moist and buttery texture. This sweet and savory ham is glazed with maple sugar and makes a great centerpiece meal any time. It's fully cooked, so if you want it hot, just give it 30 minutes or so in a medium oven. Otherwise, just slice and serve.

All our pork is pasture-raised with no hormones or antibiotics. Our animals are raised with care using traditional methods guaranteed to produce the very best tasting meat. Heritage Foods USA supports a number of endangered breeds of hog but your hams will come from Certified Humane Berkshire or Animal Welfare Approved Red Wattle pigs. All our pork is processed by Certified Humane facilities. (Feeds about 15 people which amounts to about $4.4 per serving)

Rare Hare Barn in Leon, Kansas is considered by many to be the best rabbit producer in the United States. If you ever try rabbit this is the rabbit to try! Our offering of rabbit this week includes Rabbit Brats and Ground Rabbit Sausage. Just throw onto the grill or into a pan and you will taste a delicious meat that is consumed the world over but hardly at all in the US.

$66 – Two 1lb Ground Rabbit Packs AND Two 1lb Rabbit Brats Packs

Heritage Foods USA
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Heritage Foods USA has been featured as a Company of the Year in Bon Appetit, House & Garden, Newsweek, Saveur Magazine and The New York Times Magazine.

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