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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

Every week brings with it exciting news to announce. And every week brings news that is not considered news but should be.

First the news. Over Memorial Weekend we met Bob Smith who operates the oldest Grist Mill in the country. Located in Rhode Island, the Carpenter Mill has been operating continuously since 1703 and uses heirloom White Flint Corn to produce the best Jonny Cakes Meal ever. One one-ton rock rotates above another one-ton rock that remains stationary, separated in distance by no more than a single grain of corn-flour. Bob makes sure the two rocks are not grinding against one another using his nose as grinding stones create a distinct smell – it is from this practice at Grist Mills across the country that the saying “ keep your nose to the grindstone” is derived. Stay tuned for this historic offering soon.

Also news: Because of the summer heat we are now shipping our pork, beef and poultry using Overnight Shipping by FedEx and UPS! The appropriate shipping costs will be added to your orders upon checkout.

Also news: The benevolent Hearst Ranch Company that started the Eighth Grassfed Cattle Share program with us last year is about to process more delicious cattle for you, Heritage customers. Be prepared for this email in four weeks, in time for Independence Day.

Not considered news but should be: every week the farmers and processors we work with continue to exist. Much like the Carpenter Mill, what is most remarkable is that these enterprises persist within a system designed to see them fail. Many of our offerings are familiar, especially to those who have been on this email list for a long time. But it is amazing that month in and month out, year in and year out the alternate system continues, providing one of the few alternatives to fast food, food raised in confinement and food with no taste. So whether you support our program once a month or once a year, know that with each purchase you are making news. Indeed greedy companies that pay farmers too little and that make animals suffer do not own the marketplace. Our company is growing and others like ours are growing around us. So try our offerings today and know that small farms thrive in America!

The battle between Kansas City and New York has been waged for decades as to whether or not a certain cut of the pig and cow should be referred to as strip from that town. You be the judge but rest assured it will be delicious. Also featured today is Tri-Tip and Half Boston-Butt.

Pork: Fresh Kansas City (New York!) Strips - $39, 1 2.5lb boneless piece from the tenderloin/porterhouse pork chop section

Beef: Kansas City (New York!) Strips - $86, 4 12oz steaks, 2/pk

Beef: Tri-Tip – $98, 3 2.5lb tri tip steaks, 1 per pk

Pork: Half Boston Butts Bone in $48, 1 4lb piece


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