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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

Paul Revere's midnight ride saved the colonies from certain defeat in the face of the British. He rode from village to village spreading the news of the impending invasion. Our food system is under a similar threat. Our answer to the midnight ride this week is a Salmon Social Buy!

We have partnered with Iliamna Fish Company to bring you a shipment of fresh Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. The social buy only works if we ALL help spread the word. The more fish we sell the lower the price! And the more $$ we're putting into the hands of a family who's been fishing the pristine waters of Bristol Bay for literally hundreds of years. Wild Salmon is under threat from mining companies, farmed fish, genetically modified fish, and the whims of Mother Nature. So, get your Paul Revere on, tell your friends to join you in fighting the good food fight!!

Fun Salmon Facts:

  • Sockeye is the most sought-after salmon species due to its rich flavor and firm, deep red flesh.
  • The Iliamna crew makes all of their fishing nets by hand.
  • Every day the time fisherman are allowed to fish changes, they only find out that day by listening to their CB radio.
  • The Iliamna crew's only communication with the outside world is through a satellite phone.
  • Salmon find their home waters by sense of smell, which is even more keen than a dog or bear. They also rely on ocean currents, tides and the gravitational pull of the moon to navigate their way through the ocean back to the stream or river where they were born.
  • Wild salmon get their orange/pink color from the krill they eat. Because krill is not part of farmed salmon's diet, pigment is added to their feed to make them look like wild salmon.
  • Aquaculture dates back to about 2500 BCE when the Chinese captured carp after river floods and grew them in artificial lakes.
  • Wild Atlantic salmon are endangered, and therefore illegal to catch. So all Atlantic salmon sold in the U.S. is farm-raised.
  • Although there is only one species of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), Pacific salmon is a generic term covering five different species. The five species of wild Pacific (and Alaskan) salmon are chinook (king), sockeye (red), coho (silver), pink and chum (keta).
  • Most spawning salmon return to the precise stream of their birth, sometimes overcoming great distances and hazardous river conditions to reach home. For example, a chinook salmon tagged in the central Aleutian Islands and recovered a year later in Salmon River, Idaho, had traveled a whopping 3,500 miles.
  • Salmon generally produce 2,500 to 7,000 eggs, depending on species and size of fish. The chinook salmon generally produces the most and largest eggs.
  • All Pacific salmon die shortly after spawning, but Atlantic salmon are capable of surviving and spawning again.
  • Atlantic salmon (now listed as endangered) have been known to weigh up to 80 pounds; the record for the largest of all the Pacific species, chinook, is 99 pounds.

Follow the "Salmon Poundage Counter" on the homepage. If we reach 3000lbs sold your credit card will be refunded the group savings. Or, if you choose, you can convert your refund to a Heritage Foods USA coupon and save up to twice the amount on your next purchase.

All salmon come Fresh - - 2 days from being fished - - Headed and Eviscerated
Simply freeze what you will not eat within 5 days Ships to arrive Friday July 15th!
Dan, Andrea and Patrick will be on the West Coast shipping the salmon not 2 days from the boat!

Package 1 1 Fish 4-5lbs $134 $29.77/lb $14.89/portion
Package 2 2 Fish 8-10lbs $242 $26.88/lb $13.44/portion
Package 3 4 Fish 18-20lbs $450 $23.68/lb $11.84/portion

If we sell more than 3000lbs the costs are as follows:

Package 1 1 Fish 4-5lbs $124 $27.55/lb $13.78/portion $10 saving
*Package 2 2 Fish 8-10lbs $205 $22.78/lb $11.39/portion $37 saving
*Package 3 4 Fish 18-20lbs $389 $20.47/lb $10.24/portion $61 saving

*Best Value

Check out our interview series with Christopher Nicolson of the Iliamna Fish Co. on our Heritage Ventures Page

Meet Your Fisherman - Youtube

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