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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

Featured in this email is the first of 2009 Vintage Heritage Cured Hams, Meatball Packages and Fresh Rabbits!

Today we celebrate the arrival of the 2009 vintage of S. Wallace Edwards and Sons Certified Humane Cured Berkshire Hams. Please read the below press release to learn more about this delicious and important part of American gastronomic history. No one helps our network of 50 family farms more than Sam Edwards, no American ham curer does more than Sam to support sustainable agriculture and we would argue no one makes a more delicious product, so we hope you will buy one and leave it on your kitchen counter to be sliced for the summer!

Remember Surryano hams are shelf stable and do not need to be refrigerated – they last for months and each slice gets more tangy as it ages.

2009 Whole Surryano Heritage Ham Boneless - 7-9lbs - Shipping Included $155
2009 Whole Surryano Heritage Ham Bone-IN - 17-20lbs – Shipping Included $178
From the belly of our Berkshire pigs – please refrigerate bacon upon receipt:
Sliced Bacon eight 12oz packages – 6lbs – Shipping Included $85

We hope you enjoy our Meatball Package video and recipe for what might be the cheapest way to enjoy heritage breed, humanely raised meat: meatballs from Daniel Holzman and his Meatball Shop on Stanton Street in New York City.

Making Heritage meatballs has never been easier with our Meatball Package! The package consists of a 5lbs bag of 72% lean ground pork. We ground the pork with a large die to highlight the texture and taste of the meat. Here's the recipe that Daniel demonstrated for us:

Combine the ground, a few ounces of your favorite seasoning (peppers, garlic, herbs) with 2-3 eggs and mix, adding breadcrumbs a few tablespoons at a time to bind the meat together. Roll into balls about 1-1/2 inches in diameter. Roast them in a 450 degree oven for 12 minutes or until done. Add the sauce of your choice (we used a classic tomato), pair with pasta, pour yourself a glass of wine, and enjoy!

Meatball Package – 5lbs Ground - $60 Including Overnight Shipping

Chef Daniel Holzman let us in to his kitchen and gave us a primer on meatball prep – see more here.

We also have Fresh Rabbits for sale from our old friend at Rare Hare Barn. Each rabbit weights between 2.5-2.75lbs. The meat is delicate and flavorful, high in protein, low in fat and cholesterol.

Here are some notes from Kim Severson's recent New York Times articles on rabbit:

"Like chickens, rabbits have parts that cook differently…The hind legs especially almost always need a moist, slow braise. For frying, plenty of cooks like to give them a good soak in buttermilk or a light brine. The saddle, or center portion of the rabbit, is a different story. The meat can be fried, but it can be dry. So it helps to apply a bit more finesse." The article goes on to explain that the loins can be treated like tenderloins and wrapped in bacon. The legs can be served over frisee salad and mustard dressing. The scraps and legs can be used in a long-simmered ragù or turned into sausage.

Featured are four heritage breeds: American Chinchilla, American, Silver Fox, and Creme D'Argent. You will be told which two breeds you receive in your order. All breeds are listed on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy's Conservation Priority Lists.

Two 2.5lbs rabbits - $121 including overnight shipping


The Jewel of the Berkshire: Premiere of the 2009 Vintage 18 month aged hams

For over 80 years, S. Wallace Edwards and Sons has been curing pork products of the highest caliber. Sam Edwards, proprietor and cure master, is proud to announce his new vintage 18 month aged hams made from Certified Humane pasture-raised Berkshire pigs. This is the first vintage at Edwards to undergo two summer sweats, letting Mother Nature provide the heat, adding something special to the already exceptional flavor profile. The two summer sweats goes back to Sam Edwards' grandfather whose 18 month old hams were the flagship product of the company at its inception.

"Happier pigs make better tasting meat," boasts Edwards. The Berkshire pig is a natural contender for the best hams, offering a rich succulent texture and incomparable flavor. These Berkshire are raised outdoors on pasture for at least 9 months, allowing the animals to mature slowly, and thus developing the taste discerning consumers have come to appreciate in this heritage breed. While raising a pig this way costs more, and takes more time, the results are well worth the investment.

"We love what the extra aging does for our hams," says Edwards. " Most hams only get 3 months to a year in the aging rooms." Vintage hams can be likened to vintage wines. The longer they age, the more developed the flavors. The new 18-month ham is an ideal way to celebrate a holiday, or family reunion, or just to eat well any time. "Hams are adaptable and economical since they can be used in the kitchen in so many ways," said Edwards. "Whether you are slicing it for a main course, breakfast or sandwiches, or cubing it into macaroni and cheese, salads, soups or a fine pot of red beans, there are almost limitless ways to use the product, eating like a king while you stretch your dollars."

Stay tuned in August for the 2009 S.Wallace Edwards and Sons line of Certified Select Surryano Specialty Fed Hams made from pork nourished on plums, cranberries, or peanuts. The peanut fed pork is similar to the very best in true Serrano hams, the Bellota who forage on acorns. The peanut rich diet translates into an equally rich ham, with a smooth, unctuous texture, and a lingering savory finish. What separates the Surryano from the European hams of this style is the signature smoke that S.Wallace Edwards gives their hams before aging. The result is a distinctive, delicious, and versatile product for half the price of the imported competition. Traditions and know-how are the signature of all of S. Wallace Edwards products.

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