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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

This week at Heritage Foods USA, we are proud to present a selection of exceptional Fresh steaks for your grilling pleasure. Order today and receive this week! Since 1866 White Oak pastures in Bluffton GA has been raising quality beef with pride.  The Harris family has repudiated conventional commodity beef husbandry, and returned to the model that sustained their family for multiple generations in the past: grass fed, grass finished black angus beef that ranges free over their acreage in Georgia. Why does this matter? Because grass finished beef is high in omega 3 fatty acids, has a rich full flavor, and, is the most environmentally friendly way to raise cattle. In addition, the diet of the White Oak pastures cattle guarantees an alkaline rumen, which discourages the production of e coli 0157h7 bacteria.

What makes White Oak pastures beef really great is the generations of knowledge of animal husbandry and best practices. With these amazing specials this week, you can enjoy some of the best beef our country has to offer: for instance, two strip steaks or two boneless ribeyes at 35 dollars per pair!  This would be double in any fine dining restaurant. Or you can go for the delectable bone in ribeye for 42 dollars the pair. It is said the sweetest meat is next to the bone! We are giving the same incredible price for the pair of filet mignon, a cut that is celebrated for its tenderness, and in this case, for its exceptional flavor!  These steaks will arrive fresh, not frozen, if you order them this week so you can use them the day they arrive, or stash them in the freezer for a future meal.

At Heritage Foods USA our goal is always to offer the very best quality products to our customers while continuing to support traditional American family farming. Your purchases make our work possible, so every time you buy through us, you are making an important choice to turn away from commodity farming with all of its attendant ills, and standing up for best practices and responsible stewardship.

Remember, we have 100% satisfaction policy so if you are not happy with your product for any reason, your money back! Your shipping costs come down the more you buy, so it makes sense to browse for more delicious options! For questions call us at 718-389-0985.

White Oak Pastures Filet Mignon - $42 (two 8 oz steaks, two per pack)
White Oak Pastures Bone-In Ribeye - $42 (two 16 oz steaks, one per pack)
White Oak Pastures Boneless Ribeye - $35 (two 12 oz steaks, two per pack)
White Oak Pastures NY Strip - $35 (two 12 oz steaks, two per pack)

All steaks are being shipped FRESH this week!!

These steaks ship directly from the farm via FedEx Overnight for $35. For each additional White Oak steak purchase only $7 will be added to your shipping charge. White Oak Pastures ship all orders to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday each week so order by Wednesday at 9AM at the latest and receive this week.


The Heritage Team

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