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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

Its summertime, and the cooking is easy.  To make it easier, Heritage Foods USA is offering a magnificent Frenched Five Rib Rack coming to you fresh for $65. This superb roast can be served whole, or carved into individual chops to feed five or more people for a party, or provide several sumptuous family meals. We also have slabs of pork Spareribs, a delicious meaty rib that is a classic on the barbecue circuit. These too are coming in fresh, with two slabs to the order for $57.00.  Duroc ribs are so flavorful, you might want to hold back on the sauce, and just give it a good dry rub before cooking, with maybe a sassy sauce on the side.

Our pork this week is cut from Duroc pigs, an old breed of swine that has been popular in the US since the 1820’s. There is some debate about the origins of this pig, but there is no debate about the quality or flavor of their meat. Raised by Craig Good, a farmer based in Olsburg, Kansas, these Duroc swine are the product of more than twenty-five years of careful breeding and selective genetics.

To accompany your pork, you might consider taking advantage of the seasonal availability of the ambrosial Fantasia Nectarines from Frog Hollow Farm in Brentwood, California. Grown by Al Courchesne, this legendary fruit farm has supplied some of the best restaurants in the United States. Their secret is to truly allow the fruit to ripen on the tree, rather than picking it early to pack and ship.  The Fantasia is an old variety with red marbled skin over deep, golden, meltingly smooth flesh. Our nectarines are drop shipped from Frog Hollow directly at a cost of $58, which includes the cost of overnight shipping via FedEx.

Fruit with pork is nothing new, but having the opportunity to pair the richly marbled Duroc pork with the tangy sweetness of a succulent Fantasia Nectarine has to be experienced. Nectarines can be turned into a fabulous fruity condiment with the addition of some chilis, cilantro, and grated ginger to the diced Nectarine. Nectarines can be cut in half, stoned, and grilled as an elegant side to the pork roast. Or they can be cooked down a bit with some Vidalia onion, lime-juice, red pepper flakes, cinnamon, and clove for a chutney. Fresh, cooked, or eaten out of hand, this heirloom breed of nectarine is going to speak summer at its peak. 

Five Rib Frenched Rack – 3-4lbs - $65
Spare Ribs – 7lbs - $57
Nectarines – 6 pieces, 3lbs - $58 including shipping

All shipping is overnight at this time of year, so any order of a roast, or the ribs, will cost $30. For every additional piece added from this weeks specials, we simply add another $7. So it’s worth buying a few things at once, and storing the extra in the freezer for a future meal.

Your orders help to maintain a network of family farms, all deeply committed to producing quality products using traditional agricultural methods. Your food choices matter, and when you buy from Heritage Foods USA, you support an important mission to maintain America’s agricultural bio-diversity, and best environmental practices.

Heritage Foods USA
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