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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

Turkey 2011

Have you ever been to the Natural History Museum and seen, next to the dioramas, maps with shaded areas denoting the range of certain species? For Heritage Turkeys certified by the American Poultry Association, the only shaded part of the map on the planet, with rare exception, would be a few towns on the eastern edge of Kansas. Frank Reese’s standard bred turkey flock (or heritage turkeys) are the oldest continuous flock of standard bred turkeys in the world. It is an amazing site when you visit the farms that comprise Good Shepherd Ranch and know that you are looking at something true to its origins, uncorrupted by anything ever. The best way to support this kind of food is financially so we hope you will join us in helping this year’s sales drive.

Turkeys Arrive 11/22. $72 - $128
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New Bacon

We are proud to see our old chef friend Shane Coffey start a new business that helps sustain the last independents in American agriculture. His bacon is amazing and we are happy to offer you this new sweet and delicious line of products. Try Rocky Bacon as sliced, slab or in bits, perfect for spreading over salads. The all natural curing and smoking regimen produces fresh bacon with colorful eye appeal, and the tastiest, most consistently tender products on the market.

Rocky Mountain Bacon Bits – 3lbs - $52 shipping included
Sliced Rocky Mountain Bacon – 6lbs – $104 shipping included
Whole Rocky Mountain Bacon Belly – 7-8lbs - $105 shipping included

This product ships FedEx Ground.

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