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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

Autumn is traditionally the time for harvest and excitement in the food world. Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for features on wild Alaska salmon, paw paws (the largest edible fruit in North America), and the premiere of our Fall 2010 catalog!

Ben Franklin was such a fan of the turkey, he wanted it to be our national bird. But its sure that when he  thought of this animal that he wasn’t thinking of The Broad Breasted White, the behemoth, tasteless bird that is commonly sold today. He was rather thinking more along the lines of the Bourbon Red, Narragansett, Black Spanish, Chocolate or Jersey Buff, breeds that were carefully fostered in decades past by farmers who understood that to get a tasty bird required time, good husbandry, and proper breeding for a variety of desirable traits.

That great big breast in supermarket turkeys comes at the expense of the bird being able to reproduce naturally, walk, and forage appropriately.  Those poor turkeys carry around so much weight up front, and mature so quickly they don’t have a chance to develop the musculature or skeleton required to sustain their bosom.

Why participate in perpetuating that standard when you can roast a bird with flavor, texture, and higher nutritional values.  Holidays are a special time when we celebrate all the good things we are blessed with, food, friends, family. It can be that much more special in the knowledge that buying Heritage breeds keeps them alive, in all their splendor, just as they were in the days of Ben Franklin.

We hope you will join us!


The Team at Heritage

Turkeys will arrive to you Tuesday November 23rd via FedEx Standard Overnight and your tracking number will arrive to your inbox a few days before.

All turkeys will come with a free gift of two 10oz Heritage Porterhouse Pork Chops. If you would prefer not to receive this gift, please note that in the Comment Box upon Checkout.

We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, your money back!

Heritage Turkeys come from bloodlines dating back to the mid 1800s. The unbelievable flavor of the white and dark meat has been heralded by the greatest chefs of our time. So remember to order your Heritage Turkey early!

All Heritage turkeys from Good Shepherd Ranch and Leaping Waters Farm come via FedEx Standard Overnight with neck and gizzards, as well as the free gift. Calculate one pound per person.

If you would like to specify a Kosher turkey from Leaping Waters Farm, or send a Heritage Turkey as a gift, please make a note in our Comment Box upon checkout or call us at 718-389-0985.

Heritage Turkeys will be kept at a temperature that never exceeds 28 degrees which does not freeze the bird all the way through but keeps it safe for your eating pleasure.

All Heritage Turkeys are certified to be humanely raised by Animal Welfare Approved.

All Heritage Turkey orders can be canceled with no penalty up until November 8th!

Heritage Turkey 2010 - 8-10 lbs                                 $74
Heritage Turkey 2010 - 10.1 -12 lbs                           $84
Heritage Turkey 2010 - 12.1 -14 lbs                           $94
Heritage Turkey 2010 - 14.1 -16 lbs                           $104
Heritage Turkey 2010 - 16.1 -18 lbs                           $114
Heritage Turkey 2010 - 18.1
-20 lbs                            $134
Heritage Turkey 2010 - 20.1 -22 lbs                           $139

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