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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

One agricultural job that no longer exists in the United States, and that barely exists in the rest of the world, is that of the shepherd. Walking sheep from pasture to pasture and sleeping with them in the fields is only a part of our memory now. But did you know that sheep are not the only animal to have a shepherd culture around them? Poultry can also boast human field-companions! Here is a great clipping from 1951 that was sent to us by Frank Reese! To this day some of Frank's team spend nights in the fields protecting their flock from predators. So alas, maybe shepherds do still exist.

Turkeys Arrive 11/22. $72 - $128
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Delivery dates: September 7th, 9th, 14th, and 16th. If you don't pick your own, we'll pick one and notify you!

Each box we send has every fruit separately sleeved and labeled with the varietal. The paw paws will ship via FedEx overnight. Your tracking number will be emailed on the day it ships.

10lbs (12-15 fruit) $111 – including overnight delivery.


Spare Ribs – Two 3.5lb Spare Rib Slabs - $66

Osso Buco – Eight 8oz pieces, 4lbs - $49

The above are Berkshire or Red Wattle. Want another breed? Call us 718-389-0985. Our other breeds include Duroc, Gloucestershire Old Spots, Large Black, Mulefoot, and Tamworth.


No Goat Left Behind is a serious project intended to introduce goat as a viable meat product in the United States while at the same time aiding dairy farms that have little need for male goats.

Did you know that in order to produce milk a female goat has to have babies? The result is goat dairies with a lot of male goats that are currently being sold onto the commodity market or killed at birth.

THIS OCTOBER home delivery and restaurants will move hundreds of goats, following the natural breeding cycle of the animals themselves. At around $15 per pound for about 20 pounds of meat, a family can cook about 25 meals and even more if you consider ragus and meatballs! The result is delicious and seasonal dinners for around $10 per person.

A half goat in primals fits in any fridge or freezer. Recipes will be included in the box. A great CD produced by Sam Edwards IV, has footage of the farms, chefs breaking down the carcasses and interviews.

New York City residents have the option of home delivery of a whole carcass along with the instructional video of how to break it down.

Stay tuned for prices and order information next week.


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