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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

No Goat Left Behind is a serious project intended to introduce goat as a viable meat product in the United States while at the same time aiding dairy farms that have little need for male goats. Did you know that in order to produce milk a female goat has to have babies? The result is dairies with a lot of male goats that are currently being sold onto the commodity market or killed at birth.

Together, you and restaurants have the power to move thousands of goats each spring and fall, following the natural breeding cycle of the animals themselves. At $15 per pound for a half goat (about 20 pounds of meat), a family can feed 25 dinner portions and even more if you consider ragus and meatballs! The result is delicious and seasonal dishes for between $8 and $11.50 per person. A half goat in pieces will fit in any standard freezer.

Each package includes numerous recipes and a DVD with footage of the farms, interviews with farmers and processors, and chefs demoing the way they would prepare a whole or half goat.

Arrives Fresh Friday October 14th or 21st,.

Package #1 Half Goat (18-20lbs)
$289 shipping included
Back leg – 7lbs
Front shoulder and neck roast - 6lbs
Front shoulder and neck roast - 6lbs
(About $11.5 per portion)
Package #2 Half Goat (18-20lbs)
$289 shipping included
Back leg – 7lbs
Saddle (loin)  — 6lbs
Rack of ribs — 6lbs
(About $11.5 per portion)

Package #3 Whole Goat (no less than 35lbs)
$430 shipping included
Cut into: Rack of rib, saddle (loin), 2 back legs, 2 front shoulder and neck roasts, shank and head
(About $9.8 per portion)

Delivers Fresh Friday, October 28th

Package # 4 – Whole Goat (no less than 35lbs)
$10 per pound including delivery.
Live in NYC? Call us at 718-389-0985 to schedule a home drop.
Includes a whole goat with an instructional video of how to break it down starring Cruz Goler of Lupa, Jacques Gautier of Palo Santo and Zak Pellacio of Fatty Crab.
(About $8 per portion)

Gifting this item? Please provide us with an e-mail address to notify the giftee of delivery date! Just write it in the comments section before submitting the order. Tracking numbers will be sent to all buyers. Questions? Call us at 718-389-0985 and ask for Andrea or Stephanie.

Visit our amazing goat farms by clicking here.

The two farms we will mainly rely on for home shipments are:

Consider Bardwell Farm, Vermont.
Their goats are Oberhasli, a dairy breed developed in the mountainous regions of Switzerland. They are brown, with hues between light tan and deep reddish brown and black spots. Oberhaslis have a friendly, gentle disposition and they are known as active and hardy goats.

Twig Farm, Vermont.
Their goats are Swiss Alpine and descended primarily from Swiss Chamois-colored goats. Their coats range from light to deep red bay or even grey. This year, after weaning, the boys were fed on skim milk left over from a local butter producer. The bulk of their current diet is pasture and fresh hay.


Heritage Turkeys Arrive 11/22
$72 - $128
Click Here to Order


Delivery dates: September 7th, 9th, 14th, and 16th. If you don't pick your own, we'll pick one and notify you! Each box we send has every fruit separately sleeved and labeled with the varietal. The paw paws will ship via FedEx overnight. Your tracking number will be emailed on the day it ships.

10lbs (12-15 fruit) $111 – including overnight delivery.


Jersey Giant, Good Shepherd Ranch

Breed Cheat Sheet:

  • Plymouth Rock – the intense, rich frying chicken
  • New Hampshire – the mild flavored frying chicken
  • Cornish Game – the dark, gamey roasting chicken
  • Jersey Giants – the king of slow roasting chickens

Heritage Chicken Sampler – Eight 3lb Chickens - $168

Smoked Heritage Ham Boneless (just heat and eat) - 8lbs - $66
Berkshire or Red Wattle

18oz Ribeye Steaks – 4 steaks, 1 per pack - $93

Heritage Foods USA
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Heritage Foods USA has been featured as a Company of the Year in Bon Appetit, House & Garden, Newsweek, Saveur Magazine and The New York Times Magazine.

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