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Today’s featured 7 pound Tamworth Ten-Rib Rack is so solid and delicious that you can simply put it in the oven with no condiments of any kind. Inherent to the meat, is good juicy taste. Before serving, sprinkle with salt and pepper, or the tiniest touch of Tabasco.

To read a New York Times Op-Ed that explains why we began this annual project in the first place click here.

By buying a Heritage Turkey you are voting against an industrial process that raises animals that could not survive in nature for longer than a day.

Even the turkey pardoned by the President each Thanksgiving dies within days of the ceremony because it is inherently unhealthy. This year we nominate one of Frank Reese’s American Bronze turkeys for a Presidential pardon. He would actually be able to make it back to the farm to tell his story. Heritage turkeys arrive November 24th.

A few more orders of Armandino’s Guanciale mysteriously appeared. Cut thin slices and cook over low flame in a pan, with a touch of olive oil if desired. Then chop up (using a mezzaluna) and throw on pasta or over carrots and brussels sprout.

The Batali family in Seattle is considered curing royalty by this country’s greatest chefs nonetheless they refuse to overproduce and risk quality loss.

Beef is delicious. Try the best steaks from arguably one of the finest meat breeds on the planet.

Eight 12-oz Piedmontese NY Strip Steaks - $187

Eight 14-oz Piedmontese Ribeye Steaks - $187

Four of each - $187

Piedmonetese Beef Sampler (about 13.5lbs) - $244

  • 2 12oz NY Strip Steaks (24oz)
  • 2 14oz Ribeye Steaks (28oz)
  • 2 10oz flatiron steaks (20oz)
  • 1 skirt steak (3lbs)
  • 2 pack boneless petite medallions (16oz)
  • 1 Tri-Tip (2.5 - 3lbs)
  • 2 16oz burger packages (2lb)

Heritage Foods USA
The Source for Authentic American Heritage Foods

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