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The Muscovy duck is the only domestic duck that is not derived from Mallard stock.  The Muscovy is a large duck  which is native to Mexico, south to Peru, Uruguay, and Brazil. It’s a perching duck that nests in tree holes and is distinguished by its bare wattled red head.  The wild Muscovy duck can display a wide variety of feather patterns and colors. Most have dark brown or black feathers mixed with white in a mottled pattern on the head or wings. Other colors such as lavender or all white are also possible. All Muscovy's have long talons on their feet and a wide flat tail.  The males can grow to be quite large, weighing 10-15 lbs.  Most of the females are 5-7 pounds but can sometimes reach up to 9-10 lbs.
The Muscovy duck has been domesticated for centuries, and is commercially known as Barbary duck. This breed is popular because it has stronger-tasting, leaner meat than most other domestic ducks  (which are domesticated descendants of the Mallard). The meat is lean and the tenderness is often compared to that of veal.  The carcass of a Muscovy duck is also much heavier than most other domestic ducks, which makes it ideal for the dinner table.
Muscovy ducks are strong swimmers and have very strong wings for their migrations.  Their bills are normally broad and flat and they strain their food from the water.  Ninety percent of duck’s foods come from plants, but they also consume small fish, slugs, eels, leeches and worms.  For the first few weeks of their lives, Muscovy duckling feed on grains, corn, grass, insects, and most anything that moves. Their mother instructs them at an early age how to feed.
Muscovies normally gather in groups both for greeting and warning calls.  They live on marches or shallow ponds and lakes. The female Muscovy can raise several broods of eggs each year.
The Muscovy ducks are raised by Frank Reese at Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch in Lindsborg, Kansas.
These ducks arrive Wednesday October 22nd – FRESH!
One of Frank’s pond-rasied Muscovy Ducks (about 4-6 lbs) – Overnight Shipping Included - $99
Two of Frank’s pond-rasied Muscovy Ducks (about 4-6 lbs) – Overnight Shipping Included - $179

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