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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

If you are getting nervous about cooking your Thanksgiving meal in the presence of in-laws and visitors who might question if they could have done better, do a test run with one of our frozen birds from last year!! We still have a few left!
Frozen Heritage Turkey - 8-10 lbs                                 $63
Frozen Heritage Turkey - 10.1 -12 lbs                           $71
Frozen Heritage Turkey - 12.1 -14 lbs                           $87
Frozen Heritage Turkey - 22.1 -24 lbs                           $140

Of course we have a new batch of 2010 Heritage Turkeys who are soon to fulfill their destiny as part of the food supply. Birds are selling out so order soon if you have not already! Order Here!

As you might imagine, we here at Heritage are in full battle dress preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday! The same goes for our farmers: Frank Reese, Danny Williamson, Ron Thome, Doug Metzger and Alec Bradford. We are proud to have two farm groups raising our turkeys, Good Shepherd Ranch in Kansas and Leaping Waters Farm in Virginia.

Our farmers are growing a variety of Heritage Breeds including the Bourbon Red, Narragansett, Standard Bronze, Black Spanish, White Holland, Chocolate, Bourbon Red, and Narragansett. All of them are raised on vegetarian feed, with no additives of any kind, no hormones and no antibiotics. These are considered endangered breeds, the kind you have to eat to save – you can be politically correct and maudlin at the same time!

Frank Reese met the Norman “Turkey Man” Kardosh while a teenager, and it was Norman who sold him the seed stock for his flock, and taught him how to care for them. Some of the bloodlines of Frank’s turkeys go back more than 100 years. Frank has been improving the genetics of his flock since the 1950’s through careful breeding selection. Doug Metzger, Ron Thome and Danny Williamson have been working with Frank for years, raising his poults, or turkey babies, according to his strict guidelines.

Alec Bradford of Leaping Waters farms in Shawsville, VA lives just off the Appalachian Trail in an area of Virginia that is particularly hospitable to small and independent farms raising a mix of livestock and crops. Leaping Waters Farm has been under cultivation for 200 years, and for good reason: it boasts a mix of high and low ground, river bottom soil, and plenty of forest cover for livestock. Alec is raising pigs, cattle, and heritage breed turkeys. Alec also grows a lot of forage crops for his animals, and this is what makes them so flavorful! The turkeys from Leaping Waters will be processed by a certified Kosher facility, offering another option to our customers.

The Kosher process starts with slaughtering, which has to be done according to kosher principles; unlike conventional slaughter, it must be done by hand. Removal of feathers is especially problematic for kosher plants, because Kashrus forbids the use of heated water in processing. Kosher turkeys are checked by two sets of inspectors: USDA personnel and rabbis, who look for imperfections, especially of the internal organs.

Turkeys arrive to you Tuesday November 23rd via FedEx Standard Overnight and your tracking number will arrive to your inbox a few days before.

Turkeys come with neck and innards. Calculate one pound per person.


If you would like a kosher turkey please make a note in the Comment Box upon checkout.

5 — 5lbs of salmon filets - $85
4 filets
This salmon ships FedEx overnight.

Heritage Foods USA is proud to offer wild caught salmon from The Iliamna Fish Company in Alaska. Though aquaculture has come a long way, it's very hard to identify who is growing farmed salmon, under what conditions, or how long it has been stored. Our salmon is fully traceable; we know exactly where it comes from and who is catching it. The catch is Marine Stewardship Council Certified.

Save with Shipping Tiers

Stuff your cart and pay less per pound! Our shipping tiers are as follows. If your order is between: $1 - $99 = $19, $100 - $199 = $26, $200 - $299 = $33, $300 - $399 = $38, and $400 or more = $44. Note: Some of our products have special shipping costs associated with them like our Heritage Turkeys and some of our larger Gift Packages.

So, for example, if you order one skirt steak or two, four flatirons or eight, six burgers or twelve, shipping remains $19.


We love the region of Piedmont and the food that is and was produced there. Try Piedmontese beef and you might never go back to other breeds!

Skirt – One 3lb steak - $49
Kabob Medallions – Twenty 4oz pieces ($83) - Sixty 4oz pieces ($240)
Burgers – Six 8oz patties ($40), Twenty-four ($155), Forty-eight ($305)
Flatiron – Four 10oz steaks - $47

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