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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

We are sending this email to everyone on our email list, but the Turkey Section only applies to those who ordered a 2010 Heritage Turkey with us.

We are also featuring wild rice, which makes a great side dish to any meal. We still have a few turkeys left in the 8-10 and 10-12lb range so order this week if you have not already.

The moment has come, and the birds will soon be winging their way around the country, arriving in time for your Thanksgiving feast. Here is some vital information about your shipment.

Please be aware that Heritage Turkeys have been phased out of the market because they grow slowly and also because they have pinfeathers which are hard to remove, giving the birds a tattooed appearance. This is especially true of the kosher turkeys since kosher tradition does not allow for hot water to be used during the processing. Please do not be alarmed as these markings will blend in once cooked. The birds will be among the tastiest you have ever tasted, even with these markings.

Turkeys will arrive to you Tuesday November 23rd via FedEx Standard Overnight. Your tracking number will be sent to your inbox in the coming days – if you do not get a tracking number by Thursday, please call us at 718-389-0985. This tracking number will only become active once the package is scanned on Monday the 22nd.

If you have ordered more than one bird, you will receive a tracking number for each one, thus you will receive two separate emails, identifying each package. Any other item that you ordered will come in a separate package.

You do not have to be at home to receive your turkey. We have applied a signature release on all packages so that they can be left in a secure place, unless you are having it shipped to a business address, in which case someone must sign. The bird is shipped overnight with ample cold packs to keep it temperature safe.

Fedex tracking numbers will be assigned the week before Thanksgiving. You will receive an automatic message that confirms that the order will be shipped on Monday, November 22. Once FedEx has scanned and processed all the tracking numbers, you will be able to access the progress of your order. UNTIL THE NUMBER HAS BEEN SCANNED BY FEDEX, you will NOT be able to track this shipment, it will say that the order does not exist. DON'T PANIC!

A Heritage hotline is available during Thanksgiving week to help answer questions: 718-389-0985.

If you plan to eat your turkey after Thanksgiving Day, we do recommend that you freeze it immediately until you are ready to use it.

We still have a few birds for sale, so if you have been tardy in ordering, you have an opportunity here!

For recipes please visit our website. Cooking instructions will be included in the insert that arrives with your turkey.

2010 Heritage Turkeys for Sale!

Heritage Turkey 2010 - 8-10 lbs                                 $74
Heritage Turkey 2010 - 10.1 -12 lbs                           $84

Turkeys will arrive to you Tuesday November 23rd via FedEx Standard Overnight and your tracking number will arrive to your inbox a few days before.

Turkeys come with neck and gizzards. Calculate one pound per person.


Our Heritage Turkeys are raised by Good Shepherd Ranch in Kansas and Leaping Waters Farm in Virginia. If you would like a kosher turkey from Leaping Waters Farm, please make a note in the Comment Box upon checkout.

On special today

Native Harvest Wild Rice - Two 1 lb boxes - $35 including delivery.
Please allow 5 days for delivery of this item, as it will arrive via FedEx Ground.

Anishinaabeg Native rice is absolutely delicious. One heaping serving of it is never enough. This organic wild rice is hand harvested each fall in the beautiful lake region of Northern Minnesota. The medium brown rice is a highly texturized, uneven grain, with a rich, toasted flavor.This rice makes a great side dish to any heritage meat especially Amercian Bronze turkey, Bison or Red Wattle pork. We also like to eat it in the morning with a little bit of butter and Vermont maple syrup as the original American breakfast cereal.

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