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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

As the weather cools down, who doesn’t think longingly of a delicious pot of braised Short Ribs, or a hearty beef Brisket. If time is in short supply, (as it so often is at this time of the year), maybe it’s the moment to get out the stove-top grill, or a cast iron skillet, and fire up a few steaks!

We have superb 18oz Ribeyes available, 4 to a pack for $99. The Ribeye is richly marbled and fork tender, a steakhouse classic for good reason. We also have Petite Medallions, a delicious and low cost doppelganger for filet mignon. Petite Medallions are sold 2/pack for an order of 20 for $83 or 60 delectable little steaks for $240. Think super quick and easy meals, add a spud and a vegetable, and its restaurant quality.

Look for our Briskets as a half ($65) or whole piece ($99), or order them in one of our Holiday Gift Packages; either the Barbecue Party Pack which puts together a Half Brisket with 6 lbs of Short Ribs, and a couple of racks of St. Louis Ribs ($208) OR the Slow Roast Deluxe, a fantastic package with a 10lb whole Brisket, 7.5 lbs of boneless Boston Butt, AND a 3.5 lb Pork Loin Roast on the bone ($238). These holiday packages offer a cost saving opportunity to deliver multiple meals through one order, either as a gift or for your own convenience when you know you will have a houseful.

Short Ribs can be purchased alone, 6lbs at $97, or in the Braising Package, which includes an additional 4lbs of Pork Osso Buco ($137), or for the grand slam of great meals, check out the Barbeque Party Pack, mentioned above.

We also have Burgers, Flatiron steaks, Tri-Tips, Skirt Steak, and New York Strips.

And we are proud to feature whole roasts of Filet Mignon, Ribeye and NY Strip for a GREAT VALUE.

We have delicious cured boneless Cured Hams and bone-in Cured Hams!

Remember, the more the order the more you save on shipping!

We can include gift cards and deliver on the future dates of your choice (just not Monday or the weekend).

All of our beef is from the Piedmontese breed of cattle, a nutritious, low fat, low cholesterol beef. Our pork is from Certified Humane facilities, and all our products are antibiotic and hormone free, raised on vegetarian feed. Please have a look at our Gift Packages, and consider sending a gift of food to friends, family, and colleagues. Your gifts and purchases help support our network of small independent American farms.

Have a great December!

The Team at Heritage Foods USA

Heritage Foods USA
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