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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

We are so excited to bring you fresh ducks and geese from White Oak Pastures Farm in Bluffton, Georgia! The Harris's are fifth generation farmers, and they are continuing in the tradition of their family's farming lineage. The farm was founded in 1866 by Captain James Edward Harris and the family has been farming on the same land ever since.

Everything that the Harris's do boasts sustainability and a commitment to traditional agriculture. Their farm and abattoirs carry three highly regarded certifications: USDA Certified Organic, Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Humane. They raise a diverse collection of livestock, rotating cattle, sheep and poultry, adhering to the Serengeti Rotational Grazing Model. Because of this they don't have to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides on their land. They also raise their animals without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones. White Oak Pastures is unique as it is the only farm in the United States that has on-site processing facilities for both beef and poultry – they are zero waste facilities!

About the Breeds:
The ducks and geese are raised outdoors, on pasture with no antibiotics or growth hormones. White Oak Pastures poultry is absolutely delicious and at the top of its class. Their poultry breeds are recognized by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy as rare.

Our ducks
The Khaki Campbell is an exceptional breed – developed by Adele Campbell in Gloucestershire, England at the turn of the 20th century. Originally bred for their delicious eggs, the Khaki Campbells are excellent foragers.

The Blue Swedish is the perfect meat bird – they're heavier than most duck breeds with a full deep breast, a broad body and stout thighs. The Blue Sweedish is an old northern European breed with a friendly temperament.

The Buff is a dual-purpose breed – the breed is slow to mature, and used both for eggs and meat. They get their name from their rich, red-buff coloring. The Buffs were developed in Kent, England.

The Pekin is a classic duck– made famous by the popular Chinese dish Peking Duck. Natives to China, these ducks were bred with the familiar Muscovy to create the perfect hybrid for the celebrated dish. They're characterized by their ivory-white coats.

Our geese
The African goose – another native of China, this breed is a descendant of the wild swan. The African goose is excellent for roasting with a nice proportion of lean meat.

Order yours today! The ducks ship fresh Two-Day Air on Wednesday December 14th for delivery on Friday December 16th or frozen on Monday December 19th for delivery on Wednesday December 21st.

Cooking Geese and Ducks is very easy! For detailed cooking instructions read below or click here.

Need some more inspiration for your holiday meals? Take a look at our selection of Heritage holiday favorites:

The Roasts

From ribeye to filet to strip - take your pick! Our Peidmontese roasts are boneless; get creative with a rub and braise them whole or slice them into juicy steaks.


Fresh White Oak Pastures Ducks and Geese

Fresh, just in time for your holiday celebration. Heritage breeds, raised on pasture at White Oak Pastures farm in Georgia - Certified Humane and Animal Welfare Approved.

Piedmontese Strips and Ribeyes

A steak lover's dream come true! If you can’t decide between the two cuts, order them together or gift them to a friend who knows about beef—they'll thank you (for life)!



Piedmontese Brisket

Take on home-corned beef brisket or braise it whole as a roast - add caramelized onions and roasted vegetables for a simple, but elegant meal for your next get together.
Order your 10 lb whole brisket or a 5 lb half brisket!

Piedmontese NY Strip Steaks

A richly marbled, delicious and time-honored cut. A classic gift for the veteran and novice home cook alike.

Comes in 12 oz or 16 oz steaks.


Racks of Katahdin Lamb

Incredibly tasty American Katahdin lamb straight from our friends at the Certified Organic farm in Montana. Comes in packages of 1 rack or 2 racks.

Slow Roast Deluxe

This exquisite selection of Boston Butt Shoulder, Whole Beef Brisket and Frenched Ten-rib Rack that lend themselves to both feeding a crowd and minimum effort. Throw these cuts into a low, slow oven, and walk away. At the end of the cooking time, you will have the most meltingly soft, fork-tender roast ever.


Spare Ribs

At three and a half pounds per slab, these ribs are great for an intimate get-together. Roast them with just a little salt and pepper - the spare rib can hold its own, so no sauce required.
Have your own 2 slabs or sample the difference among heritage breeds with our Breed Variety Pack.

Piedmontese Tenderloin Filets

The amazingly tender Piedmontese tenderloin filets - try them pepper-crusted, pan seared or wrapped on bacon.
Try four or eight 8 oz filets!


Heritage Meatloaf

Great for a meatloaf, meatballs or even a twist on the classic ragu. Taste all of our ground meats with this versatile gift package - Piedmontese beef, Heritage pork and Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch chicken.

Sliced Rocky Mountain Bacon

Add it to your meatloaf, wrap up some scallops or fry it up for breakfast. It’s whiskey barrel smoked!


Ground Heritage Pork

Lean, but amazingly juicy, our ground Heritage pork is sourced from the sirloin and ham trim. Try it in some meatballs, or add them to a ragu for a flavorful twist on a traditional meat sauce.

Boneless Canadian Loin

Cut up a few boneless strips, or get crafty and cure your own Canadian bacon.


Piedmontese Ribeye Steaks

Pan sear with a hearty red wine, the perfect cut for dinner for two.

Comes in 14 oz or 18 oz steaks.


Ground Piedmontese Beef

Wintertime chili: grab some coffee, cocoa and cook-up a hearty meal.


DIY Bacon

For the budding cure-master in your life - cure your own bacon and experiment with trotters and jowl.


Osso Bucco

Impress your guests with this braising cut - add a dash of white wine, broth and vegetables and you’re just a side of risotto away from this delectable Italian classic.


Native Harvest Wild Rice

Because even the heartiest of meat eaters need some grains. Add some earthy undertones to your meal with this Minnesota native.

Cooking Instructions For Ducks And Geese
Our national cohort of chefs recommend a finished temperature of ten degrees less that stated by the USDA (165 degrees). Do not overcook the bird. The bird is ready when you cut into the meat and the juice runs clear. Do not worry about making small incisions into the breast or leg to determine the doneness of the bird.

Butchering goose or duck can be done in the traditional carving method or using a cleaver, mezzaluna or a large heavy knife. Cut through the wing joints to separate wings; cut through the leg joints to separate legs; use a regular knife to cut medallions out of the breast and use your fingers to pull-off any remaining meat around the carcass.

We recommend rubbing your bird with little more than salt, pepper and olive oil and cooking at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Using this simple method you will have time to dedicate to more creative side dishes! Because a lot of fat falls off the duck and goose, be sure to drain the pan frequently or cook the duck or goose slightly elevated. Open the oven occasionally to check on the cooking of the bird. Adding potatoes and vegetables to the pan to cook in that sumptuous and silky fat is the lagniappe that makes this a truly outstanding meal.


The Heritage Team

Heritage Foods USA
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