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For all of those last minute gifts and meals - whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza or just enjoy quality time with friends and family, this is the best time for sharing your favorite meal. Order by Tuesday night and receive by Friday!

Heritage Meatloaf

Great for a meatloaf, meatballs or even a twist on the classic ragu. Taste all of our ground meats with this versatile gift package - Piedmontese beef, Heritage pork and Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch chicken.


Organic Katahdin Lamb from Willow Spring Ranch in Montana

The newest addition to the Heritage family - Willow Spring Ranch in Belgrade, MT. Comes in packages of 1 rack or 2 racks. Also, try the delicious bone-in leg of lamb!

Piedmontese Brisket

Take on home-corned beef brisket or braise it whole as a roast - add caramelized onions and roasted vegetables for a simple, but elegant meal for your next get together.
Whole or Half.


Whiskey Barrel Smoked Bacon

Add it to your meatloaf, wrap up some scallops or fry it up for breakfast. Itís sliced Rocky Mountain Bacon!

Piedmontese Tenderloin Filets

The amazingly tender Piedmontese tenderloin filets - try them pepper-crusted, pan seared or wrapped on bacon.
Try four or eight 8 oz filets!


Boston Butt - 7.5 to 8 lbs

Cut from the top of the shoulder, the Boston Butt is one of the tastiest and most versatile of cuts. Traditionally used for pulled pork, the Boston Butt is a favorite of the barbecue circuit. It can be cooked low and slow in a pressure cooker, crockpot, or dutch oven, to create that perfect "falling to pieces" texture.

The Roasts

From ribeye to filet to strip - take your pick! Our Piedmontese roasts are boneless; get creative with a rub and braise them whole or slice them into juicy steaks.


Spare Ribs

At three and half pounds per slab, these ribs are great for an intimate get-together. Roast them with just a little salt and pepper - the spare rib can hold its own, so no sauce required.
Have your own 2 slabs or sample the difference among heritage breeds with our Breed Variety Pack.

Ground Heritage Pork

Lean, but amazingly juicy, our ground Heritage pork is sourced from the sirloin and ham trim. Try it in some meatballs, or add them to a ragu for a flavorful twist on a traditional meat sauce.


Boneless Canadian Loin

Cut up a few boneless strips, or get crafty and cure your own Canadian bacon.

Ground Piedmontese Beef

Wintertime chili: grab some coffee, cocoa and cook-up a hearty meal.


DIY Bacon

For the budding cure-master in your life - cure your own bacon and experiment with trotters and jowl.


Osso Bucco

Impress your guests with this braising cut - add a dash of white wine, broth and vegetables and you’re just a side of risotto away from this delectable Italian classic.


Native Harvest Wild Rice

Because even the heartiest of meat eaters need some grains. Add some earthy undertones to your meal with this Minnesota native.

Have a very great holiday. Thank you so much for supporting the revolution!

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