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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

This year seemed longer than most! It was impossible to predict if 2011 would be a good year. Heritage Foods USA was at a crossroads: we celebrated our 10th anniversary but hadn't affected the national discourse on food to the degree we meant to when the organization was founded. Corn and gas prices were soaring to unprecedented levels meaning feed and transportation prices for our farmers were through the roof; the message to the last independents in the hog and poultry industry was join the behemoths or get out! The economy still felt wobbly, it had been a very difficult past couple of years for all our partners. I asked myself what would become of Heritage Foods USA?

As always our best defense was a good offense. January started with the production of a six-minute film on the high art of producing maple syrup in the traditional method. As with all our projects our work with the Cantor Family in West Glover, Vermont concluded with a sale. In the Spring, work began on No Goat Left Behind, which by the end of October, had become the largest intervention on behalf of male dairy goats in the nation: twenty-thousand goat-centered meals were consumed this past Fall, from goats who passed their time grazing on open pastures. As with every year since 2002, November saw another edition of the Heritage Turkey Project, which maintains for the world the highest level of quality of the much loved turkey. This year also witnessed 1/8th cattle shares, rare lamb shipments, fish expeditions, and of course the delicious pawpaw project in September.

Heritage Foods USA's reach grew thanks also to the opening of the Heritage Meat Shop in New York's historic Essex Street Market. As of August heritage farmers and heritage breeds had a shop all to their own. is now listened to by more than 400,000 Americans every month! We are proud to broadcast and archive 28 weekly shows about slow food. If you haven't already, I recommend tuning into any episode of Cooking Issues (hosted by Dave Arnold), Taste Matters (hosted by James Beard Vice President Mitchell Davis), Lets Get Real (hosted by chef Erica Wides), or the Food Scene (hosted by Michael Harlan Turkell). Click here to listen to my recent interview with Michael Pollan.

Heritage Foods USA believes that there are quality differences between our food and commodity food.We believe that every American should have access to and aspire to quality in what they eat. Like with iPhones and fancy sneakers, great tasting food is a right of all Americans. Price does not change that reality. If no one protests in front of Armani for producing an expensive version of clothing, why should it happen with our food?

I am proud to say that the average age of the Heritage Foods USA staff is about 24 years old! The explosive energy of today's recent graduates will have a ripple effect in the sustainable world for centuries. Heritage Foods USA is paid for by all walks of life but it runs thanks to a youth movement that is changing the world. The most heartfelt and special thanks to our amazing team including Andrea-Trabucco Campos, Stephanie Fisher, Serena Di Liberto, Erin Fairbanks, Shana Chock-Goldman, Daniel Honig, Katy Keiffer, Jack Inslee, Carlos Salguero and Dionisio Silva.

And thanks especially to the chefs who drive the economy of taste in America. They are the anchor to the resistance of drab, bland, depressing commodity culture. Each and every week our partner chefs sustain the sale of more than 25 tons of heritage meats. History seldom recorded the names of chefs until the mid 20th century. Now chefs are global celebrities and they are using that power to sustain and launch markets for quality, taste and justice. Please click here to see our current list of supporting chefs and please eat at their establishments.

Whereas the year began cautiously, we are exploding into 2012 with more projects and energy than ever. Thank you for supporting us in your homes throughout the country. Rest assured we are doing our best to improve our services and get you the very same meats consumed in the very best restaurants in the very best way possible.

Happy New Year and much health to you and your family in 2012.


Patrick's Signature

Heritage Foods USA
The Source for Authentic American Heritage Foods

Heritage Foods USA has been featured as a Company of the Year in Bon Appetit, House & Garden, Newsweek, Saveur Magazine and The New York Times Magazine.

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