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Please help us welcome a delicious and special new beef from our friends at White Oak Pastures in SW Georgia. Split their beef pack with a friend or freeze what remains after keeping fresh in your fridge for 2 weeks!

Among the peanut and cotton fields of Early County in southwest Georgia, sits White Oak Pastures, a fifth generation grass-fed cattle ranch owned and operated by the Harris Family since 1866. Today the farm is in the hands of Will Harris III who steered White Oak Pastures back to the days just after the Civil War when his great-grandfather, Captain James Edward Harris, grazed his cattle outdoors and slaughtered the animals on the same land.

After the war, a relative helped Captain Harris, a cattleman at heart and by trade, settle into the area. He and other sharecroppers butchered one cow and some pigs once a week in order to feed the 100 or so people living on the farm at the time. His son, Will Carter Harris, inherited the farm, expanded it and began slaughtering animals on a daily basis. The meat went to market on a mule-drawn wagon delivering meat in the nearby town of Bluffton while meandering the commissaries, hotels and boarding houses.
During the 1940s, the third generation took possession and saw Will Bell Harris transition White Oak Pastures into the world of industrialization along with his son Will III. But in 1995, Will made the brave and bold decision to transition back to the older ways. He started a closed herd of predominantly Black Angus cows that relied on the benefits of the deep south’s bright southern sunshine, its clean air, fertile soil and sweet native grasses to keep the animals happy and healthy. Around the same time, Will and his wife Yvonne Harris were raising the fifth generation of ranchers, their three daughters: Jodi, Jenni and Jessi.

Will Harris III became a grass-fed beef perfectionist. Leaning forward and pulling up his pointer finger with an intensity heightened by a heavy drawl, he explains his desire to build his own on-farm humane processing facility. In 2008, they cut the ribbon on a USDA-inspected processing plant large enough to slaughter a few dozen of their own cattle a day. Abiding by his hero George Washington Carver’s words that nature never wastes, the new plant is a zero waste facility, using a digester to transform waste into organic fertilizer.

White Oak is certified by the Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Humane.

White Oak Pastures Beef Sampler – FRESH - $99 including delivery includes:

4 POUNDS GROUND BEEF – one pound pkgs.

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