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We are excited to launch our Artisanal Dairy Program with the cheeses of Bronson Hill Cheesery, a small producer from the Finger Lakes Region of New York.  Nancy Richards, the owner of Bronson Hill, hand-makes delicious cheeses that highlight batch-to-batch and style-to-style variation and the quality of the raw milk she uses.  That raw milk, coming from the neighboring Taber Hill Farms, is antibiotic- and hormone-free.  The subtleties of its flavors—its rich creaminess and its herbaceous and grassy notes—translate into unbelievably delicious cheeses.  We are lucky to be able to offer three of Nancy’s cheeses in our Bronson Hill Sampler Pack, including 1 lb each of Schuyler, Schuyler with Herbes de Provence, and Red Meck.

  • Schuyler, a Dutch-style young Gouda, starts off lactic and creamy, with a lingering finish of toasted almonds, hay, and grassy sweetness. Aged between 4 and 8 months, Schuyler retains moisture, developing a semi-firm texture.
  • With every batch, Nancy makes a few wheels of Schuyler studded with Herbes de Provence, an ingredient which, rather than overpowering the milk, compliments and enhances the already delicate, refreshing notes of the cheese. 
  • Made in a similar style to the Schuyler but then washed with a brine solution, the Red Meck is tangier and heartier on the palate. With the washing, the milk’s more toasty and citrusy notes emerge and lead into a vegetal and earthy finish.

All 3 cheeses feature different aspects of Taber Hill’s raw milk: the Schuylers enhancing its sweeter elements and the Red Meck developing its more robust, bold elements.  Taste these delicious variations and all that Nancy’s cheeses have to offer.

All orders placed now thru Wednesday at 10 am EST will be delivered this Friday, April 17th!


Bronson Hill Cheese Sampler Pack (About 3 lbs total)
Shipping Included
– $58 (about $19 .33 lb)
1 lb of Schuyler
1 lb of Schuyler with Herbes de Provence
1 lb of Red Meck

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