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“They’re so flavorful that an ounce will give you 10 mouth-filling bites…They’re worth every milligram and dime…”

So wrote Harold McGee in a recent New York Times article that featured America’s reemerging culture of artisanal, dry-cured hams.  At the forefront of this revival is Samuel Edwards, a third generation country ham artisan working out of Surry, Virginia.  There, with his staff at S. Wallace Edwards, Sam is leading this ham revolution by embracing techniques and quality products that extend back hundreds of years. 

These techniques were passed from grandfather, to father, and then to son—Sam.  And, they speak not only to the rich culture of Virginia curing but also to the unique ways in which indigenous and colonial food preservation traditions came together with modern technologies to create something new.
Sam’s Surryano relies on legs from Heritage Foods USA and a carefully controlled production process.  Cured, smoked, and then aged for between 14 and 18 months, the Surryano ham packs a rich pork flavor with a sweetness that is slightly offset by the ham’s smokiness. The smoking step is what distinguishes American hams from their European counterparts.

When talking about the process, Sam is always quick to point out that the extra time in the aging room is what makes his Surryano so unique, and so delicious.  Each batch is carefully watched, from the moment it is salted to the moment it is pulled from the aging room, to guarantee that every Edwards ham is of the highest quality. 

Released only once a year and in limited numbers, Surryano ham has been 400 days in the making and it’s finally back! We are honored to work with Sam and appreciate his investment on our farmers.


Patrick Todd Sarah Heather


Sliced Surry-ano Style Heritage Ham (four 4-oz pkgs) – $40
Sliced Surry-ano Style Heritage Ham (eight 4-oz pkgs) – $78
Sliced Surry-ano Style Heritage Ham (twelve 4-oz pkgs) –$111

The Heritage Rib Trifecta
(about 8 lbs) - $85

Ribs Anyway You Can Cut Them!

1 St. Louis Slab (3 lbs)
1 Spare Rib Slab (3.5 lbs)
1 Baby Back Slab (1.5 lbs)

The Every Pig Pack
(about 11-12 lbs) -$125

Three Prime Cuts From
Three Pig Primals

1 Five-Rib Rack (3-4 lbs)
1 St. Louis Slab (3 lbs)
1 pc Boneless Picnic (5 lbs)

The Sophist-i-kit
(about 8 lbs) - $150

The Pig’s Three Most
Prized Possessions

1 Five-Rib Rack (3-4 lbs)
1 4-Rib Country Rack (2.5 lbs)
2 Tenders (2 lbs)

The Cure Pack
(about 10 lbs) - $75

With A Little Salt and Some Time, Expect Deliciousness

½ Half Belly (about 4-5 lbs)
1 pc Skin-Off Jowl (2.5 lbs)
2 Trotters (3 lbs)

Shanks for the Memories
(about 7 lbs) - $75

Shanks Three Ways

2 pcs Center Cut Skin-Off
Shank (1.5 lbs)
2 Whole Skin-Off Shanks (3 lbs)
4 pcs 8-oz Osso Bucco (Single Pack)

No Bones About It!
(about 7 lbs) - $60

The Best Ingredients for Meatballs
con Brodo

5 lbs. Ground Pork (1 lb packages)
2 lbs Pork Bones

The Backpack
(about 13 lbs) - $100

Pair These Cuts with Your Favorite BBQ or Hot Sauce

1 Fresh Boneless Ham (about 10 lbs)
1 pc Sirloin (about 2 lbs)
1 lb ground

The Brave Heart Pack
(about 13 lbs) - $110

It’s “Offal-ly” Good!

2 lbs liver (1 pc)          2 lbs Tails
2 lbs Back Fat             1 pc Heart
2 lbs Ears                   2 lbs Cheek

The Curator Pack
(about 9 lbs) - $95

Already Cured for your
Gastronomic Pleasures

1 pack Smoked Ham Hocks (3 lbs)
2 12oz Cured Porterhouse Chops
1 lb Bacon Ends & 2 lbs Sliced Bacon



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