This week we are excited to introduce a hardworking crew of native Alaskan fishermen who are on the water for the next two weeks touring its fishery located deep within the Iliamna watershed near Bristol Bay, Alaska in search of fresh sockeye salmon. Fresh Salmon orders will be taken until noon EST, Thursday, July 17th and will be delivered on Tuesday, July 22nd.

Heritage Foods USA is proud to be working with the Iliamna Fish Company, a family of 25 immediate and extended relatives that has been fishing the pristine Pacific Northwest waters since 1948.  Three of the fishing families live in Alaska full time while the rest spends winters all across the United States. Every June and July all the fishermen dutifully return to the healthy Bristol Bay waters where they spend many days on the boat waiting for the influx of salmon that helps sustain the community during the long off-season.

The sockeye salmon come from the deepest part of Bristol Bay, Alaska known as Naknek.  The rich flesh of these fish is a deep scarlet to persimmon red color and imparts a slightly sweet taste, a characteristic that can be attributed to the salmon’s journey from salt to fresh water.

Iliamna Fish Company has built the fishery on responsible marine practices and sustainable harvesting techniques.  The fishery is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council thanks to a strong commitment from the fishermen to protect and promote the natural resources that preserve their livelihood. 

The only way they fish is by setting nets, which are a lot like a sheet hanging on a clothesline floating in the wind.  Part of the sheet floats on top while the remainder is anchored at the bottom and drifts with the current. The tide creates a basket that collects the fish, a spectacle often referred to as a “wall of salmon” that swims in the shallow water where the Iliamna fishermen waiting for the catch in their four-foot deep, twenty-foot long boats, carefully pull the net up and gently retrieve the sockeye.  Each salmon is then bled by hand and submerged in a 33°F ice bath before it is brought to shore.   Within six hours the fish are cleaned, inspected, packed and ready to be shipped to you for next day delivery.

Each fresh sockeye salmon will be handpicked to deliver you the finest fish with the frostiest ivory belly and no net markings or blemishes.  Each fish is beheaded and gutted for a total of 6 pounds per salmon.  All you need to do is slice into steaks or filet for cooking.   Though the season for fresh Alaskan salmon is short, we look forward to offering flash-frozen wild red salmon from Iliamna Fish Company all year round. 

All fresh salmon orders will be delivered on Tuesday, July 22nd.

One Fresh Alaskan Sockeye Salmon – about 6 lbs
Overnight Shipping Included - $125

Two Fresh Alaskan Sockeye Salmon – about 12 lbs
Overnight Shipping Included - $213

Six to Eight Fresh Alaskan Sockeye Salmon – about 50 lbs
Overnight Shipping Included - $787


This week, we have fresh cuts of plum-fed Duroc pork; all orders must be placed by 5 pm today! Craig and Amy Good are Duroc pig farmers that Heritage Foods USA has been working with for years.

The Goods recently had the opportunity to feed the pigs on their farm Damson and Italian plums.  According to Craig the pigs loved the two and half pounds of plums they were fed each day of their lives.  By supplementing parts of their feed with fruit, Craig has increased the anti-oxidants in their diet by between 30 and 50%. 

The Damson plums are a very tart variety once known as the Damascus plum and are thought to have originated in Damascus, and been brought to the United States by the English.

We strongly believe the positive effects of eating fruit will come through in the fresh pork - we hope you will participate in this experiment with us. We are happy to cut fresh any piece of the plum-fed pig to your specification. 

All orders must be placed by 5 pm today and will be delivered fresh, Wednesday, July 16th.  Please note “plum” in the customer comment box upon checkout.

Stay tuned in 2 weeks for Cranberry-fed Duroc Pork.

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Craig Good

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