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It’s time for another gem from the ever-popular and delicious Piedmontese cattle. This week, we are excited to bring you, for the first time ever, bone-in short ribs!  The short rib has been a heavily used cut throughout the world for centuries.  From Korea to France, the cut consistently proves itself through its versatility and rich flavor.  In recent years, it has greatly increased in popularity on the American culinary scene for the same reasons.

Cut from the rib section of the cattle, short ribs carry intense grassy and beefy notes that are best brought out by slow cooking.  Much like the last cuts we featured from the Piedmontese, short ribs do require a little more work than the rest, but, with time and patience, a decadent and fall-off-the-bone tender piece of meat is essentially guaranteed.  Simply slow cook them in your favorite braising liquid, be it stock or red wine, with or without vegetables, and let time and low heat work their magic.

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Short Ribs and Summer Beans
by Chef Gil Calderon of Northeast Kingdom of Brooklyn

Yield 4 - 5 Servings

2.5 - 3 lbs. bone-in short ribs
2 T olive oil
3 cups soaked dried beans (cannellini or cranberry variety work well)
2 large onion diced
6 cloves or garlic smashed
3 strips of streaky bacon, diced
1 T. whole grain mustard
1/3 cups medium amber, Grade A, maple syrup
3 - 4 dried chiles
1 bay leaf
1 bouquet of thyme
3 cups Water
Salt and Pepper

Trim excess fat from short ribs making sure the meat is still intact with the bone.  Season the ribs liberally with salt and pepper and brown over high heat on all sides and transfer to a large, deep baking dish.  Drain fat from pan and add diced onion, garlic and bacon.  Cook ingredients over medium-low heat ensuring they do not brown.  Cook for 15 minutes.  Transfer onion mixture to baking dish with ribs.  Add a 1/2 cup of water to pan and scrape up all the bits from the bottom, then pour over ribs.  Add remaining water to ribs, then stir in mustard and maple syrup.  Add chiles, bay leaf and bouquet of thyme.  Taste water to make sure it is season properly.  If it is too bland add a little more salt and pepper.  Cover the baking dish with aluminum foil and bake in a 300-325 degree oven for 4 hours.

When done the ribs should be soft and tender and beans should be cooked through.  The short ribs may be served on the bone or let cool completely and slide the bone right out of the meat.

Serve the ribs over the beans.  A simple parsley salad dressed with cider vinegar, olive oil and salt and pepper goes well with the dish.



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