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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

If you have not already, please reserve your Thanksgiving turkey today as supplies are limited!

Below please find some of the favorite customer comments we have received over the years regarding the turkeys of Good Shepherd Ranch.

And click on the catalog image to the right to download the most updated version onto your computer. We will send hard copies to buyers from the past two years. The interns helping us mail them are here as we speak!

Heritage turkeys are never frozen and arrive the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, November 24th via FedEx overnight. Cancellations and refunds and address changes can be made through November 16th. We recommend about one pound of turkey per person.

Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 8 – 10 lbs - $119
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 10.1-12 lbs – $129
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 12.1-14 lbs – $149
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 14.1-16 lbs – $169
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 16.1-18 lbs – $179
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 18.1-20 lbs – $189
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 20.1-22 lbs – $199

From my childhood I am familiar with very fresh poultry, having helped kill and clean chickens at my grandmother's house in western North Carolina. I was impressed with our turkey from the moment I opened the package for marinating the bird. The turkey was firm yet resilient, and a nice, pale color. We liked the dark meat, and there was lots of it--succulent and delicious. We'll be buying more heritage turkeys in the future! Thank you for preserving this wonderful bird. – Sandra, Bronx, NY.

With apologies for not writing sooner, we would like to extend our thanks for the exquisite holiday bird that we had this Thanksgiving, and, certainly not least, to thank you for your admirable efforts in preserving heritage birds. You are a hero to us. We purchased our bird through Prather Ranch Meat Co. that has a retail space in our wonderful San Francisco Ferry Building. The bird was absolutely delicious-succulent and moist. Again our thanks for adding a very special and meaningful addition to our Thanksgiving. We can hardly wait until next year! With gratitude, Natalie and David - San Francisco, CA

My bird just arrived..... beautifully packaged, still very cold... I am very excited about cooking it on Thanksgiving. Please thank the farmers that take the time to raise these wonderful turkeys, what a treat for us. My 8 year old son is very interested in breeds of all animals that are on the endangered species lists. We spend a lot of time talking about what can be done to keep these animals alive. This will be a great lesson for him in the preservation of old stock, even though we are eating it. Happy Holidays to all of you and thanks again. Jennifer – Statesville, NC

This was bar none the best bird we have ever served. We purchased the rotisserie just to step it up a notch and add a little apple wood to the fire. It was so rich and delicious there were only enough leftovers for a couple of sandwiches. Next year we get the daddy bird. I was so proud to read your insert to my girls and they in-turn were proud to carry it to school and read it to the class. I am teaching them young that food should never be treated with respect and that you reap what you sew. I'm thrilled that in this country we can finally get back to eating meat and poultry the way it was meant to taste. I truly believe in your cause and will always support your company and the growing hand full of farms like Stone Barns that are making food taste better. Cheryl – Summit, NJ

I simply wanted to take time to tell you and the farmers how delicious our turkey was! This was our first purchase of a Heritage turkey, but it will not be the last. I read about your turkeys in a magazine and looked you up online. I have to admit that I was skeptical as to whether or not there would be a noticeable difference in flavor, but decided to try a Heritage turkey. I am a skeptic no more! Everyone at our table commented on how flavorful the turkey was! My mother, who as never liked turkey, actually took seconds! She truly enjoyed it! The Heritage turkey is well worth every penny we spent and we will absolutely be ordering another for Thanksgiving next year! Thank you to all involved in bringing our turkey to our table! Respectfully, Natasha - Westland, MI

Last year I ordered one of your fresh turkeys for thanksgiving. I did not let my family know about this until a week before the holiday. I had e-mailed my brother from Oregon about prep and cooking of my special bird, [my bro would not be there for the feast but he knows a lot about cooking.] It was decided that I would make a brine solution. My brother sent me 'sel gris de l'lle de noirmoutier' for the brine. I prepared the turkey as directed per my bro. This was the first time I had ever cooked a turkey, I was a little nervous about the whole thing. That was the best turkey my family had ever tasted. I was the hit of the holiday!!!! I hope to make that special purchase every year for a long time!!! - Loretta, NY

Dear Folks at Heritage Foods USA:

Certainly you've received thousands of letters this week praising your turkeys. Add mine to the list. I ordered a small turkey, which arrived in pristine condition on November 20th. I looked on your web site for a brining recipe, made some small adjustments (reduced the salt to 1/2 cup) and brined the bird for 2 days. I roasted it up and we ate the absolute best turkey ever! It was succulent, moist, very flavorful, and very tender. I've roasted wild turkeys many times before and this bird had flavor that was every bit as good. The main difference between your birds and wild turkeys is that the wild birds are tough as thick rubber straps! I've used a hacksaw to take the legs off the wild guys before they would fit into the roasting pan. The heritage bird didn't have that problem. Thank you for a memorable Thanksgiving feast.

Vicki – Monument, CO.

PS: The bird is now being reincarnated into some delicious soup. I used every bit of it!

We have been ordering our turkeys for about 4 years now and will never again get anything else. Every year they get better and better. I think this year was the best ever! We had tried all sorts of different turkeys - free range organic, specialty butchers, you name it, we tried it. We always liked the turkeys, but were sure the taste could be better. We finally found you a few years ago, ordered our first heritage turkey and were blown away. The difference in the taste was amazing. Since then, we have only ordered our turkeys from you. Our guests at Thanksgiving now refuse to go to anyone else's house. Thanks so much for providing such a wonderful service! Katrina – Miami, FL

Your turkeys were delicious. Everyone at Chez Panisse has been raving about them, myself included. I salt-cured a medium one, stuffed herbs under the skin and into the cavity, and roasted them on high heat. The layer of fat under the skin was thick and spongy like pork fat. Alice had one of the turkeys roasted in a wood oven and another one grilled, and said both were great. THANK YOU. We'll spread the good word about your birds. Give our best to the farmers, too, if you get a chance. Gordon – Berkeley, CA

I am eager to report that our Heritage Foods’ turkey was the best ever! We knew it would be exceptional from the moment we opened the package and saw the pristine and resilient bird. The aroma of the roasting turkey was intoxicating, the gravy made from its drippings exceptional, and the turkey itself rich and delicious. We also enjoyed the months of updates and photos. Thank you for helping to make our Thanksgiving superb. Kristine – Los Angeles, CA

Our 16-pound Heritage turkey was pronounced the best turkey ever. No small praise, as we have hosted Thanksgiving dinner for the family for over 30 years, and I have roasted some very good birds. The dark meat was the richest, tastiest I’ve ever experienced, and the breast was just luxurious. Worth the additional cost. Attached, not pretty but delicious platter of turkey and ham. All the best to the Heritage food chain. Joel - New York, NY

I'm writing to tell you how terrific our heritage turkey was. I'd wanted to try one after reading good comments about them in several food magazines. My expectations were met! The flavor was great & I loved the extra dark meat. Kudos to you for bringing these birds back & for running a 1st rate operation - easy website, shipped as stated, good communication. I'll be back next year! Julie – Boulder Creek, CA

I look forward to each and every offering you have. The producers with whom you work and whose products you offer have restored my faith in the availability, in the U.S., of the best food on Earth. I recommend your website all the time. Thank you!

Judith, Texas

Turkey update: it was SUBLIME. I brined it overnight on my fire escape, and I slathered it in olive oil, rosemary & thyme, and stuffed it with onions & apples, and I didn't overcook it!! My son had the last leftovers sandwich today -- and I can't wait to make a risotto with the stock. Thank you for helping to make our Thanksgiving so delicious! I hope yours was too. Jamie – New York, NY

Thank you all so much for the incredible turkey that we got from you this past Thanksgiving! Using only salt and pepper, it was probably the best tasting turkey we have ever had and the gravy was definitely the best we ever had. And not having to stand in line, rummage through a bin with dozens of turkeys was an added bonus. Please keep me in mind for next year! Lars – Glendale, CA PS – The personal and friendly service you provide was also a great bonus!

Dear Heritage Foods Folks:

I made two turkeys for Thanksgiving -- one was yours and the other was an organic, locally farmed, but not heritage breed. I brined the organic turkey, which gave it some flavor--it was terrific and people loved it. But the heritage bird had a true, delicious turkey flavor without any brining and I've never had a better turkey. Thanks! Keep up the good work you are doing. I'm hoping that there will be a continuing and growing demand and that such animals will be available to and affordable for more and more people!

Very truly yours,

Phyllis – Scarsdale, NY.

Thank you so much for the lovely bird! And, can you please pass my gratitude to the farmers? It was the best bird I have ever tasted and I feel like it’s the first time I have ever tasted a turkey. Mitch – Princeville, HI

Our Thanksgiving was especially wonderful as a result of the fantastic Heritage Turkey. We are so glad to have discovered you and look forward to next year. Mary - Glen Allen, VA

Just to let you know we were very pleased with our turkey. This was our first heritage bird and it exceeded our expectations - a new standard has been set!!!!!!!!!!! Carol – Topsfield, MA

I received my turkey midday on Tuesday and everything was perfect! Thanks. Sarah – Houston, TX

The Turkey was really great (BBQ'd it on my "Big Green Egg" Japanese style ceramic grill). Raymond – Westerly, RI

My Turkey came out great!! The soup I made the next day was even better. Thanks. Sass – New York, NY

The Heritage turkey, my third, was delicious. I love how muscular and healthy he looks! Thanks. Sumati – East Greenwich, RI

The turkey was excellent! My brother, the chef, gave me some cooking tips. Was a great Thanksgiving. Hope yours was, too. Thanks! Ellen – Boston, MA

Heritage meat is worlds different than grocery store meat!
Mauri, Syracuse, NY

Our 20lb American Bronze was the best turkey we've ever tasted -- all 18 of us agreed. Many thanks for the work you do, and for allowing us to taste REAL turkey and all your other fine products. Best wishes for the holidays and 2007. Andrea – New York, NY

Hey Turkey Gang.

That was the best turkey we have ever had on Thanksgiving or any other time. It cooked like a dream and it was fabulous. We will be back again next year. Karen– Sedona, AZ

Our turkey was delicious. I cooked it until the temp read 150 this year, and took it out. I did the maple butter recipe, and made my gravy with sherry. It was fabulous. Looking forward to next year. Kira – New York, NY

The turkeys were a big hit. They were particularly flavorful the next day when turkey usually has no taste. And the turkey soup was the best ever. Noel, Rennslearville, NY

The bird was superb, more flavorful than any poultry I've ever had. Robert – Douglaston, NY


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