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The turkey is a livestock breed that boasts dozens of different varieties including the Bourbon Red, Narragansett and Jersey Buff. Each boasts a different genetic makeup, history, and place of origin. But each also has its own shape, size, rate of growth, and eating habits.

Taking the time to embrace difference is not part of the picture for fast-faster-fastest. As a result, the industry has concentrated on developing, raising, and marketing only one genetically modified variety, the Broad-Breasted White, which functions well in indoor factory farms thanks to a little help from a steady dose of antibiotics. Its uniformity of shape makes it particularly well-suited for production-line slaughter.

The other pure-bred varieties have been pushed to the brink of extinction; the knowledge of how to both breed and raise them and the infrastructure to sell them has almost disappeared because there is no longer a market for them. By relying solely on a single strain of the Broad-Breasted White, and producing it in huge vertically integrated companies that control every aspect of production, entire flocks and even the species itself are one mere pathogen away from being wiped off the American dinner table.

The future of the turkey as we know it rests on this one genetic strain. The fewer genetic strains of an animal there are, the smaller the chance for the necessary genes to resist a lethal pathogen. Maintaining genetic diversity within any species is crucial for a secure and sustainable food supply. The greed of the nation’s major poultry companies regards maintaining genetic diversity as a frivolous investment of time, energy, and money that does not contribute to the bottom line. Genetic diversity does not, after all, make a poultry company faster at what they do.

Stay tuned for 200 Guinea Fowl and Muscovy Ducks in the moth of October!


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